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Judge who repeatedly said N-word, declared ’all lives matter’ resigns

Judge who repeatedly said N-word, declared ’all lives matter’ resigns

A Colorado judge, has resigned for having used racist language with a coworker. According to court documents, Judge Natalie Chase is accused of having used the n-word multiple times and was racially insensitive on many occasions. In the wake of George Floyd’s killing, Chase stated that she believes ’all lives matter’ during a discussion around BLM.

Mutatis 3 weeks

Here be the context. "In a separate incident early last year while driving two court employees from a training session in Pueblo, Chase asked a family court facilitator, who is black, why people of color “can use the N-word but not white people” — and whether it was different if the “N-word is said with an ‘er’ or an ‘a’ at the end of the word,” according to the order. Chase used the “full N-word several times” during the conversation, leaving the black court facilitator angered and dismayed while trapped in the car while, the order states" "Chase later asked two black court employees in May 2020 about their feelings on the Black Lives Matter movement as they discussed Floyd’s death in Minneapolis, which prompted protests nationwide, including in Denver..."Judge Chase then, while wearing her robe and sitting on the bench, told the employees some of her opinions regarding racial justice,” according to Friday’s order. “The employee tried to explain the Black Lives Matter movement, and Judge Chase stated that she believes all lives matter.”

Chris 3 weeks

Which words precisely? First of all to state "All lives matter" is correct, unbiased, totally neutral. To say 'black lives matter' or 'white lives matter' is also fine and each shows a preference so neither are racist, not even remotely. Now into what I call grey area (kinda half way between black and white, pun intended) is when people express for example they don't like black or white people (and both are said prolifically) are not racist. To state one's likes of such things is part or free speech and why shouldn't people do that? Its no different from chosing what you like in films, it's what happens when we are attracted to someone, ve they tall short, male/female, black, brown, olive, white. For me not a sensitive issue because the alternative would mean not being allowed to express likes, non likes, across the board. To those people who encourage this sweeping of feelings forcibly swept under the carpet will only lead to explosive encounters becoming the norm. It is better people speak their minds unrestricted so that we know who to disassociate with them and free speech is maintained. As it is the laws are completely ambiguous because laws cant be written for emotions! And they always need to be aired.

nate 3 weeks

Poor decision making, she knew better. Someone with that type of disconnect should not be on the bench.

is it 2021 yet?
is it 2021 yet? 3 weeks

Certainly her history of poor decision making is not akin to being a good judge of others.

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