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Allen Smith (AJ) 🇦🇺 6 months
This is possible because judges don't really live in the real world.

Don Grantham 6 months
BREAKING NEWS : Still no big beautiful wall, Mexico still not paying for it. Stay tuned for more developments, holding your breath not advised.

FATBINK 6 months
They can't stop it. The POTUS has the power.

ZK AY 6 months
Hopefully this provides impetus for revolutionary energies who are ready

Kable tha Kiid 6 months
We need to purge our government of all these communist boot kissing cockroaches!

Michael Tatom 6 months
9th Circuit no doubt.
Adam Marceau 6 months
you misspelled circus

bernit 6 months
5 billion and something dollars for a wall and only 500 million over a period of ten tears for cancer research. people can't see the real issues even if he himself says right to ur face in the state of union. wake look at the issues that really affect YOU.
Jake Middleton 6 months
How much donations go to cancer research, and how much goes to the border?

bernit 6 months
so people don't really even care about the fact that there really is no emergency and Trump is just making the whole thing up. like always support ur candidate at matter the cost or facts.
Jake Middleton 6 months
If you don’t believe that having the population of a medium sized country living illegally in your country isn’t an emergency then you are a f****ng idiot mate, get off the soy and grow the f**k up, no one thinks your coy little games are clever.

Planet Kaos 6 months
As it should be. There is simply no data to justify a wall on the southern boarder. Besides, free countries don't have walls, prisons do! People who "want" or "support" that wall are so brainwashed with fear they think poor, kind, and honest people from Mexico are coming to the US to rape and murder etc. When all the statistical data proves otherwise. With that being said I don't see any way a Judge could allow such a thing.
Darth Quaint 6 months
Border Patrol just recently reported catching a cache of meth, fentanyl, and other drugs of which the fentanyl could have lethally overdoved millions (think they referenced New York, will have to find the article as I learned it from HERE ON NEWSVOICE) but you claim no evidence for a border wall. So anyone who believes that, I've got some prime real estate next to Pompeii....
Chris Cahill 6 months
Well first off it's not Mexicans comming here. It's mostly people from central and South America. We have been told for years by every president since I believe daddy Bush we need a wall on the southern border. Support amoung dems the day before Trump won was around 45-50% depending on what polling firm was used. The day after it was at 0%. Didn't the border patrol come out and say where the wall exists it's 95% effective. Haven't there been a few stories now that's come out where they be able to catch child sex traffickers because they're forced to go to the Port of Entry because of a wall. The wall alone won't stop everything. It's not meant to it's only part of the solution. Ending the war on drugs would help. Stopping forigen aid to the countries that these people are comming from until they fix their socialist governments and economies though sounding harsh would help. Instead of sticking our noses into every problem in the middle East let's waste money in our own hemisphere and stamp out socialism everybody wins
Pj Sina 6 months
it is obvious you are brainwashed to think we think in that way, how about you jest look at our sides point of view.

Nobody At all 6 months
It’s like we live in a judicial state. Everything, even when it is clearly the purview of another branch of government is subject to a judicial veto. We have balance of power issues.
M.Twain 6 months
Try reading the Constitution it spells out exactly what each branch of the governments responsibility is, that's three separate but equal branches and one is the judiciary, which will determine if what the Trump admin is trying to do is constitutional and if this qualifies as a national emergency.
Jabba the Fat 6 months
Nobody At all 6 months
It is trump’s call whether this is an emergency or not. Not every little thing is open to judicial review by some unelected judges. That is a gross overreach.

Julian 6 months
These judges think they’re gods.

Petri Fide 6 months
This is fine.. Trump should pass the current spending bill to begin on border security. By the time 'State of Emergency' funds are freed up by the SCOTUS, it will be time to move onto other phases of building the wall.

troglodyte 6 months
what a shame.

themdg MOD 6 months
All part of Trumps political plan. He knows what's he doing...

Julius V 6 months
Here is a genius solution to Trump's wall financing dilemna: Appeal to the U.S. public directly and set up a separate fund to be financed by the people directly! This will work! Many patriots would do it even if their contributions are not tax deductible. All he needs to do is appeal to the people like he always does. signed Julius
Frederic Lück 6 months
There was already a goFundMe for the wall that got over 1million dollars

Rick Avory 6 months
Kinda sucks tbh

Russ Kurtell 6 months
Where is RBG? How many circuit court justices has Trump appointed in just two years? The judicial activism from leftist judges won't be a problem much longer.

DKO 6 months
Reminder that Maduro cemented his power after the Socialist Party lost control of the legislative, by a landslide. So he stacked the Supreme Court with loyal judges, which immediately ruled that Congress had no powers, and the president should have them instead. There's no limit to how much damage activist judges can do. It's about time we, as Western Civilization, start figuring out a way to hold judges accountable for usurping powers from the other branches and violating the Constitution.
drakethesnake 6 months
I mean that's what Trump just did. So you think he is a dictator?
MyOpinionIsNotImportant 6 months
Ahh there you are snake... Trump didn't dissolve Congress acquire all power because it's literally impossible due to the checks and balances in our constitution... Every president tries to get judges loyal to them in the supreme court ... it would be illogical not to... so no DKO is not saying Trump is a dictator... no US president will ever be able to aquire the ill gotten gains like Marudo did through the supreme court.
Star Alien 6 months
Its already a stacked activist conservative court...

Bryan C 6 months
Andy Jackson once said “The court has made its decision, let’s see them enforce it”. Then use the military to block any attempt by the court to physically enforce their order. The courts (outside maybe SCOTUS) have no say on national security to prevent the president from acting.

Jim Regan 6 months