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Experiment Eks 6 months
Didn't see that coming! /s

beanie weaine 6 months
What do you expect when companies see how much money Facebook and Twitter and YouTube are raking in by selling your data they all want a piece of that pie.
Nika D 6 months
And Google—they have ads on almost every web page. I got a tracker blocker and there are Google trackers everywhere!

Phire Wuffie 6 months
yeah, what's new

Jesse E. 6 months
No shit Sherlock.

william snedker 6 months
Oh man I was hoping to convert from apple to android in hopes of having a more free and open platform
MEIJIN44 6 months
Doesn't matter. Most of the apps exist on both and still steals information. The only advantage iPhone has is it is too easy expensive for alot of people to have thus has less people doing it. That said when you do get fucked over they get you on a much larger scale. I would know I have both. The only true safe path is to not do anything online that you don't want tracked or recorded one day. No platform is safe.
DKO 6 months
Use LineageOS on your Android device, and only get free software apps from the F-Droid repo.
Hired Troll 6 months
lineageOS plus use microG i think its called, which is an open source implementation of google services

Auster Maeson 6 months
Google owns android so it’s no surprise they’re collecting as much data as possible. My conspiracy theory is Google wants to take over the world. (Dr. Evil laugh) * Muahahahaha...
who knows 6 months
your right as they claim it it's necessary. but how far is going to far.

Madeyes 6 months
Tbh it’s probably in the terms and conditions no one reads and now everyone is shocked. 🤷‍♂️
Aight Bradley 6 months
There should be a law that terms and conditions have to be succinct and understandable to the average joe. No one wants to read through a dictionary of legalese every time they update an app.

Ryan Lee 6 months
I just love how Lou from UnboxTherapy harped on about how FaceTime was bugged while completely ignoring the flaws from android. Ironic how he probably will never say anything about it

DishEtti 6 months
Damn, no one is safe.

K1ngConnor 6 months
Whoops. Thought it was only Apple that had flaws?

who knows 6 months
this is not rocket science. it's been documented many times before how apps been using your information to collect data base. to a point some see it creepy,

Nick Record 6 months
Well this will give a record of the ways men and women manipulate and abuse each other. It'll expose quite alot so Americans can take a minute to self reflect.