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YouTube star James Charles temporarily demonetized for allegedly sexting minors

YouTube star James Charles temporarily demonetized for allegedly sexting minors

YouTube has temporarily stopped payments to James Charles, one of its top creators, for allegedly sharing lewd messages with minors. Charles, who is a beauty and fashion influencer, has over 25.5 million subscribers to his channel. The video-sharing platform took the step after more than 15 men and boys accused Charles of soliciting nude photos from minors and sending explicit images of himself.

Tom A
Tom A
Rocket 3 weeks

So Youtube "temporarily" demonetized this Pedophile who was sexting minors, but permanently bans the former President of the United States?!! Youtube needs to get their heads out of their collective ASSES!

J. S. Dietrich
J. S. Dietrich 3 weeks

First he preys on straight men, now minors? 🤮 He deserves worse than demotization.

Ddddd 3 weeks

I thought LGBTQ are not capable of sex crimes. They are so victimized by society that they have free reign. Smh

Tim Baker
Tim Baker 3 weeks

Send sexual texts to minors temporary demonization disagree with their politics permanently ban. Yeah this is as legit when youtube won that free expression award from an event it sponsored.

John W
John W 3 weeks

Leftist also try to protect child sex traffickers from ICE. Watch: Protesters Blast ICE as Agents Act on Federal Child Trafficking Warrant

Rational ific
Rational ific 3 weeks

If you ever want to lose even more faith in humanity (assuming you have any left), visit YouTube in "Incognito Mode" and look at what is popular. You will wish we went back to swinging from trees.

Jay 3 weeks

Dude needs to be castrated plain and simple.

Deet 3 weeks

Just demonitized. Pedophilia is ok with youtube guidelines? Wont be put down like any republicans who posts stuff on youtube.

Just Keep Scrolling
Just Keep Scrolling 3 weeks

Ban and jail time for soliciting minors? Doesn't matter who you are, that is a crime.

Angry_Face 3 weeks

What a surprise! Another sexually ambiguous "progressive" person ends up pushing the boundries of morality and the law to fulfil their urges

The Civic Nationalist
The Civic Nationalist 3 weeks

I'm beginning to suspect this young man might be ghey.

MorningGlory 3 weeks

Temporary? But anything with a nugget of Truth is removed. Sounds like YouTube supports child exploitation

James 3 weeks

Temporarily demonotized isn't appropriate for the under-age predator behavior he appears to have, and continues to, engage in. Susan Wojcieki of YouTube should delete his channel immediately. She is truly a disgusting individual for promoting degeneracy and predator illegal activity while people with mere opinions that conflict with her anti-White Boleshevik ideology get banned for the slightest reasons. She and YouTube's management are trash. Replace her.

eclipseNF 2 weeks

That's what those people like to do

Colin715 3 weeks

Well I don’t watch the guy but I know this is the second time he is getting canceled and the first time ended up being wrong soooo i’m optimistic for this guy’s groceries.

R D 3 weeks

Giving this thing a platform was never going to end well.

george 3 weeks

It looks like a pedo... Any cop worth a darn would be looking into this guy with a microscope

Sean Donahue
Sean Donahue 3 weeks

He is a weirdo any way. I even hear he’s a homosexual.

D 3 weeks

YouTube, Twitter and facebook all love the pedo ways.

Hugh G
Hugh G 3 weeks

He needs jailed

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