Supreme court to decide legality of census citizenship question

Supreme court to decide legality of census citizenship question

The US Supreme Court will decide the fate of a fiercely contested plan by President Trump’s administration to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census. The plan has faced lawsuits by California and numerous cities in the state which say asking people whether they are citizens of the US is politically motivated and would discourage immigrants from participating in the population count.

MEIJIN44 1 year

Us citizens vote in the US. No one else gets a vote. That is all.

theLifeOf 1 year

Census should absolutely ask this question. Why wouldn’t you? Theres many of ways to be in the US long term legally without being a citizen

Ralph 1 year

why the hell Is this an issue, why the hell wouldn't you want to know how many citizens you actually have. the only reason people are against it is because it would identify people breaking the law, if I'm not mistaken that's obligated by having laws in the first place. the census is a data gathering tool, what good is it if you don't use it to gather data.

Connie Ad
Connie Ad 1 year

According to an article I read some at MIT and Yale decided to try to figure how many illegals are actually in the U.S.. They came up with 22,000,000 minimum and up to 30,000,000. According to another article the Census had shown the 63% of illegals here less than 10 years are on Federally funded Welfare. It rises to 70% for those here over 10 years. This does not include aide given by state revenue finded programs. Yes, the government needs to know where to allocate funds and it often uses the Census data to do so. I remember when Californiawanted illegals to be better counted so it could get more federal funds. In 2015 it's legal workers contributed 18% of the national welfare funds. It got back about 30%. one state took nearly a third. The other states support California's poor at cost to their taxpayers and poor. The supposedly wealthiest state can't financially support the illegals it and it's Coastals bring in. The state has no right to expect the rest of the nation pays. People of all shades are supporting mainly Spanish speakers who are part European. Hispanic is a language group that includes French, not an ethnicity. Ditto for Latin. Some of my family has the same ethnic mix. Part European and part Indigenous. They have never been called hispanic nor are they considered a minority. We even call Spaniards hispanics and they are white. Houston, we have a problem.

stephanie allen
stephanie allen 1 year

we deserve to know where and to whom every tax dollar goes.... to legal..legally permitted... and ILLEGAL. its OUR money and we have the right to decide to whom and were it goes to benifit the American population as a whole.

U WOT M8 1 year

It should obviously be asked. US citizens deserve to have an accurate picture of the way that immigration is irreversibly changing the makeup of this country. As to the Dems crying about illegal immigrants possibly not answering and thus they would get less representatives and less money: 1) federal funds should not go to people illegally present, you don’t give property tax refunds to a burglar 2) the federal government should have enough money to allocate any funds (abolish federal income tax) 3) the number of representatives should be counted based on the number of eligible voters. Non-citizens do not and should not have a voice in this country.

ConcealCarryProtect 1 year

Are you a US citizen? *Triggered*

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