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applejuice 6 months
can they deliver it by drone?

The Red Jester (Lucus gentile) 6 months
Bet no one will be mad that amazon is investing that non taxed money they made into this.

DivineDawn 6 months
bleh electric

David James 6 months
'invest'. lol, yeah... like Toyota losing money every year because of their Hybrids and electrics fleet of vehicles and Tesla being subsidized for billions. We need to slow down on electrics, just a bit. we still have plenty of ways to make petrol vehicles more efficient, reliable and almost pollution free. stop throwing away so much money just because a mental jerk off
TheWeakMinded 6 months
end subsidies on all sides, but stop investing? No, it is what they choose to do and there is nothing wrong with it
drakethesnake 6 months
"Let's invest more in horses surely after their usefulness in the great war the market will boom, just look at how much more efficient we can make our carts."
TheWeakMinded 6 months
drakethedumb if someone wants to, why should we stop them? I mean your comparison is beyond stupid, but the point remains. people can invest in whatever they wish...