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Weaponeer (Low Speed) 6 months
He ain’t wrong.....

Julian 6 months
This “muh anti-semitism” shit is so fucking annoying.
Dysentery Gary 6 months
The 'Antisemitism-card' is one of the most used methods to silence someone. It is similar to racism and Islamophobia.
Julian 6 months
MightyMargulis 6 months
except the leader of iran has publicly and on record said that he wants to kill all the jews, thats pretty antisemitic.

David Ball 6 months
He’s correct.

Dysentery Gary 6 months
Lol did Iran point out the strong influence of AIPAC? Because that is obviously Antisemitism in the world of politics today. Furthermore: Pence is a Christian extremist. In many way he is just as dangerous as a Islamic extremist. He doesn't behead people or flies airplanes into buildings, but he has a moronic mindset when it comes to stuff like homosexuality.
Hannibal 6 months
So aside from actually being a terrorist he's a terrorist? lmao
Dysentery Gary 6 months
Well Tim, if that is your takeaway on what I have written, I suggest you to drop the prejudice and read it again. Because I never said that he was a terrorist...
Hannibal 6 months
You said he was an extremist except for the fact that he doesn't actually commit or endorse any extremist actions, unlike Muslim extremists. Christian "extremism" is not wanting gay marriage. Muslim "moderates" think homosexuals should be imprisoned or executed.

Tanner 6 months
And yet this administration supports Saudi Arabia... the hypocrisy is real
Hannibal 6 months
Pop quiz: which ME nation is a bigger danger to regional stability?. Hint: not the Saudis.
MacrossMX 6 months
@tim qualls I find your statement hilarious that Saudi Arabia is somehow a pure and honorable nation by stating there is no way that SA is the biggest threat in the ME. Sure we can all agree that Assad in Syria is a nut job, but we can also agree he is not using this civil war as an excuse to expand Syria’s influence. Iran and Russia are in this because there are proven diplomatic records that Syria requested their aid and they responded accordingly. Meanwhile SA is still waging a massacre in Yemen with F-15s made in the US and they are being actively supplied by US air tankers and targeting coordinates on where to hit which includes hospitals, open air markets, and school buses. And that is not getting to the part where US weapons are now in the hands of Yemeni militants. I would not be surprised if SA purposefully dropped them to create an excuse to bomb them some more. And SA is killing every last Yemenis all because they hate Shia Iran for dropping their oil profits. Though I am almost certain this is the problem with the US handing out weapons like candy to groups who oppose Iran without any distinction on whether they are hardcore jihadists. Personally if EU is getting a better deal with Iran and they are continuing to follow the provisions of the deal, let them continue trade with them and Dick (Richard) Pence should stay out of EU affairs like how he always tell Russia and Putin to stop interfering with the affairs of other nations.
FoodNotBombs 6 months
macross , the right wingers on this app do not live in a fact based reality

Thomas Bitterling 6 months
Fuck Pence he's garbage
(Un)Fortunate Son 6 months
He can say the same thing about you.
!Generic Clone 6 months
Great argument you have there...
(Un)Fortunate Son 6 months
Evolved Ape. Just insulting someone (especially an insult as worthless as this) is pointless and doesn’t accomplish anything. I can insult Trump all day long and not run out profanities but that won’t change anything. The outrage culture is quite honestly pointless and crude.

Hannibal 6 months
Not going to happen. Germany's economy is already too weak and they're more than happy doing business with fundamenalists. Just so long as it doesn't affect their public moral posturing. Now those wicked Saudis however...
richard tracy 6 months
Why are we still allies Saudis? They’ve been the fuckin us and everyone else for decades
Hannibal 6 months
Richard: Because they were and are an essential element in global energy markets. A disruption would be bad for everybody. Saudi Arabia now is more like a tick. An anarchic SA would be a stab wound.

Cory Pritchard 6 months
The problem is, fake outrage and false claims of antisemitism when a politician mentions foreign lobbyist influence discredits potentially more serious claims of antisemitism. You are desensitizing the word by not using it properly.
ConcealCarryProtect 6 months
Calling genocidal Iran anti-Semitic isn't crying wolf. It's the definition of anti-Semitism and entirely appropriate.

Brandon Barnett 6 months
It's funny that he accused of Iran of being anti Semites like the Nazis. While he himself is against the LGBT community and against gay people. Who does sound like I wonder?
Jake Middleton 6 months
I’m against lgbt community as well, idgaf what you do in your own home with consenting adults, but when you parade around in the street with your dicks out wanking each other off in front of children you can get fucked to be honest.
FishyMacaroon6 6 months
When he starts openly advocating their deaths, I'll consider your argument reasonable. But opposing gay marriage and seeking to kill all Jewish people are not on the same level, not even close, even if one thinks that both are bad.
Son Of Shaw 6 months
Oops. Brandon, youre showing your Nazi anti Semitic DNC undies.

Kable tha Kiid 6 months
And after my Portland visit, I accuse the left of Marxist-like anti-white male sentiments, world keeps on spinning...hate happens, it’s context that these people conveniently leave out.

Joe Foxworthy 6 months
Religion is so fucked up. Why can’t they all stop believing all the bs and just get along 🤷‍♂️
TaC0CaT Esq. 6 months
Careful. You might upset someone here
MacrossMX 6 months
Sadly not only are the Abrahamic faiths (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) are at odds with each other, but the sub branches are locked in a millennium long conflict because of political differences over doctrinal differences : Judaism has the mainstream and the ultra orthodox who will never ride next to women who are not their wives. Christianity has a 3 way Mêlée between Orthodox in Moscow, Catholicism in Rome, and Protestantism in England (UK). Islam despite the stereotypical association as a monolithic group are in fact divided between Sunni Islam and Shia Islam. Btw the vast majority of terrorists attacking “western civilization” are by majority Sunni. And let us not start getting with the su religions within these division. Funny how many fear mongers like to use Shia Iran as a threat to regional stability while we are openly funding and arming Saudi Arabia while they are waging a bombing campaign over Yemen and almost no one reports it.

M.Twain 6 months
Just like Nazi Germany, except for the death camps and Jewish Ghettoes. While in the rest of the mid-east Jews are treated like long lost brothers, other than that Saudi thing about it being illegal to hold Jewish Services or to be allowed in the country if you are an Israeli Jew.
Hannibal 6 months
Says a guy who has clearly never been to the ME. Try Egypt, where Christians and Jews are shunned and often attacked with impunity, despite fake news from CNN showing protection circles around churches. Muslims have more rights in Israel than their own countries.
M.Twain 6 months
TQ, except if your Palestinian and have to deal with 65 laws that discriminate against you over half of which were written after 2000. Face it every Country in the mid-east is screwed up. Thomas Friedman's book From Beirut to Jerusalem is something Pence should read before he spouts stupid shit again.
MightyMargulis 6 months
its against the law to be jewish in 19 of the countries in th ME, 6 other countries while its not illegal, the country has issued statements that its not safe for jews to enter. also its illegal in the Palestinian Authority controled areas to be jewish and in gaza. in addition to that 33 of the 37 islamic countries do not allow you to enter if you have an Israeli stamp on your passport, regardless of religion. most arabs that visit family that live in israel fly into Jordan and drive across to Israel to avoid getting the stamp on their passport so they are allowed back into their home country.

richard tracy 6 months
Are you ready for another war?

American Patriot 6 months
Pence sucking on a BIG ZIONIST dick! He's got his orders now he's just being the good soldier he is. You will NEVER hear these pieces of shit talk about ANY OTHER mass murder calamity but they hammer on the "holocaust". The world is getting a little fucking tired of this when they see Israel and the Jews who support it, as a country that behaves and supports the same murdering tactics as the Nazis! So what this country (the USA) does?! It passed a bill that would make ANY possible and substantive criticism of that EVIL country of Israel, totally illegal. Look up the S. 1 Bill that passed on Feb. 5th; 2019. As a "FREE AMERICAN" you won't be able to boycott or pledge your plight against Israel in our OWN DAMN COUNTRY! Wake up America!

Ruth Ferguson 6 months
Pence and Trump make the KGB lies look like child's play. They won't even allow the FACTS of what things they claim Iran is guilty of come to light! Tell us all the little details, Mr. Pence-- what exactly has Iran done to break the original contract?? I am so ashamed you are my Vice President.

Fatman in Paradise 6 months
in one word: "DUH?!"

Mic GG (OnEyeOnly) 6 months
We would have a different world if America wouldn't bind over backwards for the Jewish state

M.Twain 6 months
I'm sure the American "allies" will snap to it.
Greycatmon 6 months
it's more likely hit or miss.

FoodNotBombs 6 months
Jesus wants more war!!!!!