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Darmonk 1 months
This just demonstrates the media is grasping at straws trying to find sensationalist stories. How do we make more articles on a shooting? Just use the victims as click bait for the title.
drakethesnake 4 weeks
No it shows the US is so fucked, people being shot isn't sensational enough of a story to begin with.
(Un)Fortunate Son 4 weeks
Drakethesnake, even Mike Pence has a brighter outlook on the US than you do.... and he thinks the biblical end times are upon our asses.
Darmonk 4 weeks
Make no mistake that these news networks make these articles to make money, not because it's the moral thing to do. What about when someone goes on a stabbing spree in the UK? Should each news network make 3 articles sensationalizing the event. Or update the original article with objective facts?

Ralph 4 weeks
I wonder what would've happened if they were allowed to cc at work
Vault Tec USA 4 weeks
Itd be terrible
ConcealCarryProtect 4 weeks
Vault Tec, How? How would being able to defend yourself be terrible? Most Conceal Carriers are very trained. This is my expertise here. How does allowing. responsible, trained person carry a personal concealed firearm at work cause more death?
drakethesnake 4 weeks
When the cops showed up they would have been shot too. Because when cops show up to the scene of a shooting, people are dead all over the ground, and there is someone there in civ clothing holding a gun, they won't be thinking hey this isn't the guy who just shot everyone.

Petri Fide 4 weeks
From the ABC news article: 'Martin, 45, had six arrests over the years in Aurora, one of Chicago’s far western suburbs, for what police Chief Kristen Ziman described as “traffic and domestic battery-related issues” and for violating an order of protection. He also had a 1995 felony conviction for aggravated assault in Mississippi that should have prevented him from buying his gun.' So Illinois State Police were aware of the shooters Mississippi felony conviction, yet let him keep his hand gun when they denied a conceal carry permit. What good are gun laws if they are not enforced?
stephanie allen 4 weeks
if the laws were inforced more people would be saved and the DEMs wouldn't have their justifications for taking everyone's guns...
flinx101 4 weeks
That is why we need more gun laws that only law abiding citizens will follow.

J. 1 months
Why did the State of Illinois give a violent felon a permit to legally purchase a firearm?
DKO 1 months
He got the permit before he became a felon. The permit should have been revoked and all guns on his possession confiscated, according to the law, but it wasn't followed.
J. 4 weeks
@DKO - So you're saying that confiscating guns saves lives.
(Un)Fortunate Son 4 weeks
J., Enforcing the law saves lives.

Petri Fide 1 months
Mental health and resiliency needs to be a national conversation.
Ralph 1 months
but guns r bad
Petri Fide 1 months
Vehicles cause more deaths in 2017 than homicide with guns. Ilicit drugs caused nearly twice as many deaths in 2017 than all gun. My friend.. there is a morality and mental health crisis in America. Left and Right, we need to come together on this.
Petri Fide 1 months
Side note.... I own no less than a dozen handguns and long rifles and will defend the 2A through political means to my last breath. Having a national discussion about mental health and mental resiliency is the right cause. Long Live the Republic!

DKO 1 months
So he was legally allowed to own a gun, then convicted of felony, and the government failed to revoke his license and confiscate all his guns when they were supposed to. The articles are insinuating this is somehow the seller's fault? Sounds like they had the appropriate regulations in place, just didn't execute them.
ConcealCarryProtect 4 weeks
Exactly. If we would enforce the laws we have, we could eliminate alot of this.

Judi Em 4 weeks
After reading this list of 'national emergencies' I'm stunned. Many of these surprise me. Our open borders are a far bigger national emergency!

flinx101 1 months
Are they showing pictures of him yet?
Beck70 1 months
black dude, convicted felon.
Ben B. 1 months
the Fox News article has a picture of the dudes face right at the top of the article

U WOT M8 4 weeks
Criminal negligence on the behalf of law enforcement allowing a prohibited person to have a gun.

Dust Phoxner 4 weeks
Is it wierd that there were a bunch of news articles from this shooting that came out before it happened?
Curtis Adams 4 weeks
can you link them please?
Dust Phoxner 4 weeks
@Curtis Adams this video goes over a few of them.
Curtis Adams 4 weeks

Vault Tec USA 4 weeks
No its not judi

david toh 4 weeks
no outrage. its just black on white not the other way around

Judi Em 4 weeks
What? He brought a gun?? Who knew. Stupid headline.