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Frederic Lück 7 months
If it would just have been a gun free zone
Alexander Perry 7 months
It was
Bashful Rambler 6 months
Alexander Perry, did the gun free zone help anything?
Alexander Perry 6 months
As much as a gun free zone can help a situation like this. Not at all.

Dr. Jones 7 months
Never forget that leftist called for school shootings for the covington kids... please do not let them forget that when they start complaining about guns...

Battery Salad 7 months
If only we had banned those darn AR-15’s!!! Oh wait.... he used a pistol...
Nika D 7 months
AND his background check should have disqualified him from even that pistol.
Frederic Lück 6 months
@Nika His guns were about to be taken but the police said his case slipped through the cracks.So it was just incompetence by the police
Mister Manager 6 months
The NPCs want to ban every type of repeating firearm because they hate freedom

beanie weaine 7 months
When do we stop blaming inanimate objects for the mental health of individuals? If someone ran people over with their car you don’t ban cars you ask why that person would make a decision like that. But change that car to a gun and the gun is to blame to the individual.
K1ngConnor 7 months
People don’t blame guns. They blame the access to those guns. In the words of Freddie Mercury “a gun never killed nobody. You can ask anyone. People get shot by people. People with guns”. Sure you can say we don’t talk the same way about things like cars. But there’s a key difference between a car and a gun. The car has another primary purpose that isn’t killing or hurting people. A gun’s sole purpose is to hurt or kill people and animals. So comparing it to when someone uses a car to kill someone is disingenuous.
Poverty Penguin 7 months
Imagine comparing a car to a gun
Petri Fide 7 months
Illicit drugs are 100% illegal, yet 70k people died from overdose in 2017. Vehicles are 100% legal, yet vehicle accidents cause the death of 40k people in 2017. There were 14.7k firearm related homicide deaths in 2017, the majority are with illegally obtained guns. Maybe the conversation needs to be more about mental health and resiliency, not political talking points.

flinx101 7 months
I am amazed this story has not been buried yet for not fitting the narrative.
Frederic Lück 6 months
It will be

American Patriot 7 months
Banning guns in America (which is where this is eventually going) should never be a political or a party-line issue! But the forces who want the guns out of American citizenry's hands, are NOT Republican or Democrat! They keep people at war with each other and slowly and innocuously, chisel away at our freedoms and Constitutional Rights! Wake up America! You're asleep and overly obese! Wake up!

Pj Sina 7 months
If only this was a safe space those lives could have been saved.

Deathstorm 6 7 months
If only you Americans handed out a gun to everyone as soon as they turned 18, that would solve these mass shootings... oh wait...
Jarret Durst 7 months
I love how people say “you Americans” like we are some stupid pile of garbage. Plus, you obviously don’t know how getting a gun works over here, so how about you stop your ridiculous assumptions.
Deathstorm 6 7 months
I actually do have a fairly good understanding of how you get guns in your country, every states laws differ but regardless, getting a firearm in the USA is far easier than in any other 1st world nation; maybe it's your nation who needs to take there head out of there ass and look around and see what has worked for other developed nations.
beanie weaine 7 months
Your government took your guns away the uk is actively trying to ban knives now so how far can a group of people dive into a submissive sheep to the slaughter ideologies before it’s all over. Everything will be fine as long as you agree with the law makers, and when you start to disagree and their hired thugs start turning their guns your direction what do you plan to defend yourself with? Rocks? Sticks? Or do you plan on supporting your overlords through to your own demise.

ConcealCarryProtect 7 months
To those saying, "He wouldn't be able to kill so many without a gun"

Rage Against the Vagine 7 months
disgruntled employee was a good guy with a gun until he decided not to anymore.
Mister Manager 7 months
What a poorly written, incomprehensible comment.

Paul Flaherty 7 months
There is more to this story. This man worked for this company for 15 years. He must have been a trusted employee. So what changed? Was he being bullied and harassed at work? Someone at this workplace knows exactly what led up to the point when this man couldn't take it anymore. When he started shooting, did he just shoot randomly, or did he have specific targets in mind? Did he shoot everyone he wanted to? When a person decides to go "off message," that decision has already been made. For example, going into work, with a loaded gun doesn't just happen. What preceding circumstances and situations contributed to this tragedy? Maybe he was just a bad guy who went bezerk for no apparent reason, but I doubt it...... Those of you, that contributed to this incident know who you are. And I'm not referring to the person or persons who sold him the gun.
Petri Fide 7 months
The gunman had a 1995 felony conviction on his record, yet police let him keep his hand gun. What good are laws if not enforced?

Petri Fide 7 months
Mental health and resiliency needs to be a national conversation

AshLiamBerg 7 months
Will this be turned into a Netflix film in a few years?
Deathstorm 6 7 months
Only if he is white and targeted nonbinary minorities

Nolan Braun 6 months
Honestly this story really hits home for me. I live near by and I had to pick up my little brother from grade school, who was even closer. It really freaks me out how shootings happens and how random they are. Stay safe and sane people.

FoodNotBombs 7 months
pull your finger and end a life. and people worship it more than Christ
Deathstorm 6 7 months
Wow, he could have gotten his kill count so much higher if he had just used a gun, or maybe a combo then we would have to name him our new god!

Dave 6 months
looks like we need more prayer in schools....full of armed teachers.

U WOT M8 6 months
Another disgraceful example of law enforcement failing to enforce the current gun laws we have on the books.

JR Ybarra 7 months
We are a country of people viewed as the lowest denominator. We are nothing better than the scum who prowl the streets at night. This is what they want you to believe. They will never stop gaslighting you.