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Tom Moon 7 months
The problem of homosexuality in the Catholic Church is The problem. Because homosexuality is now normalised in the west they, the church, are caught, in more ways than one, between God's law and sodomy. Take yer pick, not the prick you Dick 😆

VaasDC 7 months
become priest, diddle, church knows, keeps secret till priest is old enough to probably die tomorrow, try to save face by removing the " disgraced" priest.. does this tactic actually work.
Sullivas 7 months
Not anymore.

Hank Hill 7 months
the catholic people should really start denouncing these gay pedophiles

DKO 7 months
This is a big milestone. Now if only Francis would apologize to Vigano, as this is pretty much an admission he was 100% right.
VaasDC 7 months
see what I mean

Experiment Eks 7 months
I was surprised by this move and quite pleased. Now, may this abuser be put in jail.

Robert Lindsay 7 months
The 'vow of celibacy' has proven entirely inadequate, leaving generations of vulnerable minors and naieve adults at the mercy of pervy priests. Lets make the entry criteria a bit stricter? Neuter the priests as a condition of entering the priesthood. Currently the catholic church is a pedophiles playground.

Michael Tatom 7 months
He should be in prison.

..... 7 months
God first sexual abuse now defrocking, this is outa control!!

Andrew 1010 7 months
Not a Christian nor do I really care but ehhh good call.