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Dust Phoxner 7 months
Maduro is going to block the aid from coming in because he doesn't care about his people he just wants to retain power.
Raymond M Hein Jr 7 months
it's not aid if it turns out to be bombs
MacrossMX 7 months
Or surplus m16s with enough ammo to arm a resistance. In fact if we had a similar scenario where Russia or China declares Hillary Clinton the President of the US and begin sending aid, I will not hold it against Trump for withholding aid coming from those countries. And now that we have set up the precedent by supporting Guaido, be ready when some foreign countries begin to pull off this stunt against us or our allies. I look forward to the Red Guards standing in defense of Trump.
DKO 7 months
Guaido is the interim president according to the Venezuelan constitution, and the US is siding with the constitution. You paid shills are really bad at lying.

Guy Harrison 7 months
plenty of aid to go around... as long as you call it aid

Anonymous 7 months
The only so called aid America knows how to send is bombs and guns. If the US was really interested in helping Venezuela they would drop all the sanctions that caused the problems to begin with. This is all about stealing oil and resources for the global oligarchy.
Hannibal 7 months
Hey our NPC guys usually have an appropriate photo and number. Get back in line.

beanie weaine 7 months
Is saying aid now the same as when bush said weapons of mass destruction.

Isaiah Bjorgen 7 months
At this rate, we might as well invade. Maduro has done got himself in an awful mess.
Kevin Rivera 7 months
I am in fact not down for this. America first. tired of all these wars.
Anonymous 7 months
Maduro did not cause this. US sanctions and OPEC lowering oil prices did. This is a crisis manufactured by the global oligarchy. Maduro was elected by his people in a fair election. Leave the Venezuelan people alone.
DKO 7 months
Anonymous you're a fucking liar. Maduro's reelection was full of fraud from beginning to end. It was not recognized by any international body. Maduro barred opponents from running, jailed the main opposition candidate, hand-picked the opponent that was allowed to challenge him. He was buying votes using the "fatherland card", offering prizes and food, outside polling stations. Go shill somewhere else, we here do our homework when we spot a liar.