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Zk “Zk” AY 4 weeks
black lies matter

VaasDC 1 months
of course without charges.... I just watched tim pool state jussie has A defence lawyer... I wonder why a victim of attack needs a defence lawyer.
Rosie Palmer 1 months
Tim was the reason I stumbled upon this app.
VaasDC 1 months
same and bearing
Max Maidment 1 months
Same Rosie and I'm glad because it gives a very rounded view of events and allows comments unlike many of the actual articles.

Bret Clark 4 weeks
Let us just hope the actual truth comes out and isn't immediately swept under the rug. I want the results to be kept alive for awhile. All the other fake crimes, it's as if they never happened, no one talks about them anymore, most certainly not the leftists. It's time.
Petri Fide 4 weeks
Oh... it's already being swept under the rug by MSM.

beanie weaine 1 months
Boy this story keeps getting better and better.

Asura Bomb 1 months
Here's to hoping that he gets thrown in jail. Let the far left know that their dumb actions have consequences.
VaasDC 1 months
hes gay and black and with the way society has been functioning, I say all he will get is a slap on the wrist. especially since he has a defence lawyer now.
Justin White 1 months
As the left likes to say - freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequence.
Herbie Goes Bananas 1 months
It doesn't matter that he lied because it illustrates the true racism in Trump's America... or some such shit.

Petri Fide 4 weeks
The demand for hate crimes is exceeding supply.
Gaz Matic 4 weeks
You have to outsource.

K Mart 1 months
Does Liam Neeson have an alibi for the night in question? 🤔
Sapper82 1 months
Dude that’s fucking awesome 😂😂😂

Wino-wisdom 4 weeks
Seriously hope he is charged if this is true, and the MSM report on it NOT being a racist attack by two dudes in maga hats... This kind of thing is very devicive, especially in the current US climate. You dont need fabricated crap like this to fuel clickbait and negativity
Gaz Matic 4 weeks
Actually you do.

VaasDC 1 months
God I hope the rumour is true. police subpeanad his phone records, jussie gave them records with removed numbers. apparently the two suspects were on his phone list.... possible shitty staged, or hoax.

K Mart 1 months
This is Dindunuffin country.

Dust Phoxner 4 weeks
It was racist white trump supporters! And it ends being 2 black extras from Smollets show that he hired to attack him.

Spartacus 1 months
So desperate to be victims
Sapper82 1 months
Mudbeast. Always the victim. Boring.

VaasDC 4 weeks
when all else fails throw your friends under the bus.
Don Grantham 4 weeks
The BACK of the bus. FIFY

DKO 1 months
But I thought this was Trump's America?

Rocky LeBlanc 1 months
Word is they flipped on Jussie. If true I can't wait for the media's reaction to his arrest.

Christopher Petersen 1 months
Subway just announced their newest sandwich the "Jussie". It's two pieces of bread with a whole lot of bologna in between.
Der Rikmeister 4 weeks
They should two pieces of black bread, like pumpernickel. Maybe wrap it once around with some string, and top it with a tiny red hat.

Nika D 1 months
Weird how all the actual hate and violence as well as all the hoaxes are coming primarily from those protesting it the loudest.
Jason E 1 months
Projection is a very powerful psychological tool. Literally every attack these days seems to be carried out by the people who say they’re standing against this stuff. It’s fucking sick.

flinx101 1 months
I thought he was attacked by white men?

SN 1054 4 weeks
There a far more hate crimes against MAGA hat wearers than the other way around. These fake hate crimes are the ones to get all the media attention. I hope they throw the book at him. We need a high profile example to stop this fake hate crime BS.

Wolny Słowianin 4 weeks
Imagine my shock