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Cannabis-banking Bill approved by the House of Representatives

Cannabis-banking Bill approved by the House of Representatives

The U.S. House of Representatives on Monday passed legislation that would allow banks to provide services to cannabis companies in states where it is legal, a step towards removing what analysts say is a barrier to development of a national industry. Lawmakers voted 321-101 to approve the bill and send it to the Senate.

VI Trotsky
VI Trotsky
Hunter 2 weeks

Decriminalize. Tax. Regulate. It’s that easy. The overwhelming amount of people in our country want it. Represent your constituents.

Papa Joe
Papa Joe 2 weeks

They need to step up and reclassify marijuana or legalize it. They should do that first. What the hell are they waiting on.

C 2 weeks

Need to continue this. It's not a left or right thing here. Shoiod be left up to the states to decide what they want to do. the federal government needs to just step aside completely and legalize it

Darth Vader
Darth Vader 2 weeks

I don't understand, just make it legal. A third of Americans live in a state where people can use pot for recreational purposes. Even some of the most Republican States like Montana, Arizona and South Dakota have made it legal for recreational purposes and more Republican States are thinking of legalizing weed.

Fred V
Fred V 2 weeks

Why doesn't Biden just Legalize It On a federal level? Come on now, think about it?

Daniel 2 weeks

How does this make any sense? It’s still federally illegal so they are just allowing banks to get involved with federally illegal drugs. Why don’t they legalize marijuana first and then allow the banks to get involved?

noonespecific 2 weeks

Why not just legalize it and spend resources on more important issues.

ShadowDreik 2 weeks

Does it also keep the Feds from ceasing your assets?

Deet 2 weeks

Good news

David 2 weeks

About time!

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