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Aight Bradley 1 months
Dang. I never did shop there.

Don Grantham 1 months
Sure sign of a booming economy.
Jdf88 Jdf88 1 months
yeah it is booming. the problem is the shift of consumers to internet sources. Even if everyone in America was filthy rich do you really think Payless is gonna stick around if they are selling budget shoes? Brick and mortar stores have been on the decline for a while now anyway.
TheWeakMinded 1 months
Dude already said it, but stores like this have no place anymore. they sold shoes cheap, the internet does that with less hassle and cost.
ConcealCarryProtect 4 weeks
Niche companies failing has nothing to the economy. People don't go to show stores, they buy them in bigger stores or online.

Experiment Eks 4 weeks
Not really surprised. They should have shifted to selling their shoes online. They'd cut back on operation costs, maintenance of a store only a few people visit. They just didn't jump on e-commerce early enough I guess.

Hannibal 4 weeks
Another piecevof my childhood gone.

Bones 4 weeks
I know a lot of people shop for clothing online, but I refuse to buy shoes or other garments online. It is a pain in the butt to find comfortable, stylish stuff as it is. Pictures can be so deceiving, I just don't trust it. I have tried online clothes shopping, it never works out.

Miles O'Brien 4 weeks
Notsurewewillsee 4 weeks

beanie weaine 4 weeks
I thought all of the stores were closing

chrisretusn 4 weeks
LOL, a map of the closing stores? LOL