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Images of Derek Chauvin being led way in handcuffs captivate social media

Images of Derek Chauvin being led way in handcuffs captivate social media

Images of Derek Chauvin being led away in handcuffs went viral on social media with several users reacting with their comments and highlighting what the Minneapolis police had earlier said about the death of George Floyd. Chauvin was found guilty of all three charges in Floyd’s death. One user said the ’verdict is a reminder that accountability for even our society’s most untouchable is possible.’

Darren 2 weeks

The media lol. Social media is 'captivated' with images of this guy in handcuffs...then goes on to say several users hahaha yeah justifies the use of the word 'captivated', all several of them.

O'Brien 2 weeks

Twitter selects for morons. Bear that in mind. While n might be high it’s safe to assume IQ distribution is a big lump on the left.

GT... 2 weeks

Most untouchable? He is just an ordinary officer doesn't even have any judge relative. Also this conviction "costed" many riots... not the peaceful type.

woodchuck 00
woodchuck 00 2 weeks

Derek Chauvin was trying to get a plea deal for 10 years before the trial started. So if the left thinks that he was shocked or confused about being handcuffed then they are just proving they push propoganda with no concern for truth. This guy probably should get some time behind bars. But Democrat politicians are giving him a great reason for appeal. The overcharge and the fact his drug dealer plead the 5th probably won't help either. The city and state gave him poor training and then throw him in jail for it, now they are paying out money to activists ensure there is no money for training and a continuation of the problem. The people criticizing the 'systemic problems' seem to be doing a lot to continue and accelerate the problem.

jamie 2 weeks

How captivating will it be when overturned on appeal

Draggy654 2 weeks

Haha most untouchable? He was just an ordinary cop with no resources to save his own skin

is it 2021 yet?
is it 2021 yet? 2 weeks

What a fantastic image, good luck in prison, Chauvin!

Tristan 2 weeks

Possible, but unlikely.

Jack 2 weeks

untouchable is a bit much to mention — though there were a lot of false pretenses defending a murderer based entirely on “career professionality”.

Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 2 weeks

While no one deserves to die, we should all admit that Waters is not a knowledgeable or intelligent person.

Francisco 2 weeks

Dont drop the soap or they will be chauvin something up there...

RoseMary 2 weeks

One corrupt cop down and out

D 3 weeks

They don't protest killing of children but, will for criminals.

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