Utah man who wanted to ’kill Mexicans’ charged with federal hate crimes

Utah man who wanted to ’kill Mexicans’ charged with federal hate crimes

A man in Utah who allegedly attacked three men with a metal pole in November after shouting that he wanted to ’kill Mexicans’ has been charged with federal hate crimes. A federal grand jury indicted Alan Covington on three counts of hate crimes. If convicted, he faces a maximum sentence of life in prison and a $250,000 fine.

MyOpinionIsNotImportant 1 year

According to leftist logic this dude would get a spot in Trumps cabinet yet he's getting charged with a federal hate crime ... there is some serious narrative destruction between things like this and the Smollet debacle😂😂😂

Oliver Biscuit
Oliver Biscuit 1 year

Isn't that Ice Cubes dad from Friday?

Michael Tatom
Michael Tatom 1 year

Blacks can’t be racist. Right?

tabachoy 50
tabachoy 50 1 year

If he was white, mainstream media be all over this event like the Jesse Smollet Hate Crime Hoax.

MT144 1 year

these white supermacist are big fans of tanning beds nowadays it seems.

Diehard 270
Diehard 270 1 year

Buh-Buh-Buh-but he’s not a white person, he can he be racist?

Scott Derkson
Scott Derkson 1 year

Good. Wanting to kill people because of their country of origin is retarded.

beanie weaine
beanie weaine 1 year

Buh buh hes not white???!?!!??

Jason 1 year

I don't even understand the concept of a hate crime. He attacks three People, that's the crime in itself, making it about hate equates assault with lesser crime. That's a dangerous precedent.

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