McCabe says ’it’s possible’ Trump’s a Russian asset

McCabe says ’it’s possible’ Trump’s a Russian asset

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe said in an interview Tuesday that he believes it is possible that President Trump is a Russian asset. McCabe said that in the past the FBI had a good reason to launch a counterintelligence investigation into whether Trump was working with Russia and was a possible national security threat. He said he’s keen to see the findings of Mueller’s investigation.

Katherine Nilsen
Katherine Nilsen 1 year

stop pushing the b******* narrative!!! russiagate hoax is so stale. get over it and find new propaganda to force us to believe. asinine waste of articles.

Katherine Nilsen
Katherine Nilsen 1 year

0 evidence has been good luck trying to "link" it to anything.

MEIJIN44 1 year

Back in my day when the government lied to you they would at least make it believable. I mean I am paying for the full new world order treatment and you bastards are trying to sell me the same bullshit since the presidential election. Step your game up Shady government agencies. I expect to be lied to. Not bullshitted into boredom. Turn me against the other minorities, make me believe that the system is oppressing me. You guys are making me disappointed in our nation's corruption system. If these assholes don't step their game up they will get replaced with a better corrupt, shady, and more evil organization.

Just Chillin
Just Chillin 1 year

Isn’t McCabe a Russian asset?

ConcealCarryProtect 1 year

You can't stick shit to something that isn't there.

IIZard 1 year

Where's Twain? Trump was mentioned he must be in here

nanoo 1 year

Everyone is a Russian agent

Got Truth
Got Truth 1 year

McCabe has realized that his ass is in a sling and is approaching desperation. He is so toast, nothing he says should be believed and know that the MSM will try to help push false narratives absent of any shred of the MSM norm goes.

darkwingsmurf 1 year

Man if he's a Russian asset he's really bad at it. More sanctions than Obama.

IIZard 1 year

People take the piss out of Alex Jones but this is actually autistic.

CharlieMike 1 year

"Unwitting Russian asset." That would mean that everyone at Facebook is an unwitting Russian asset. This is pretty stupid, TDS turns off brains and bs meters.

Rational ific
Rational ific 1 year

And yet, crazy people who believe this also call for the banning of Alex Jones. No introspection at all.

Petri Fide
Petri Fide 1 year

Smells like desperation.

Highlander 1 year

It's possible the moon is actually made of cheese but highly unlikely. It is actually true that McCabe is guilty of high treason and conspiracy of attempting to orchestrate a coup on the American people by planning to overthrow the president of the United States. Here is a man along with others who planned to secretly record conversations in an attempt to gather any evidence they could to prove that Trump should be removed via the 25th. This is the same as investigating Trump without any just cause or evidence and to do so off the books. All of these conspirators including Rosenstein should immediately be arrested and tried in a military court since this is a crime of treason and either executed or held in Gitmo for the rest of their lives if found guilty. Give them a trial, which is more than they deserve and more than they would have given Trump.

Free Speech
Free Speech 1 year

Google operation "Useful idiot"

Seth Napier
Seth Napier 1 year

It's also possible this guy is a commie scumbag. Oh wait, that's a certainty.

Experiment Eks
Experiment Eks 1 year

I wonder where is that Sen. Feinstein investigation of her being a Chinese government pawn when it was she that was caught with employing a spy. Oh wait, she's a Democrat. Okay, let's all repeat it now, Drumpf is a Russian agent!

CakeSorcerer 1 year

"Trump Russia " was created and subsidized by the Fed bank and global elites to have Americans at eachother throats, when we are angry day after day its easier for both sides of the political spectrum to manipulate people into instinctual rage and support for laws they would otherwise oppose or at least consider before reacting in order to spite the other side.

Julian 1 year

The swamp can’t be drained by voting

Soul Shakedown
Soul Shakedown 1 year

McCabe = Traitor

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