Trump tweets that there was no collusion with Russia

Trump tweets that there was no collusion with Russia

President Trump tweeted that the Mueller ’witch hunt’ needed to end, pointing to a conflicting conclusion in his favor. He repeatedly stated that there was no collusion with Russia during the 2016 presidential election and that the ’witch hunt’ needed to end as it was bad for the country.

Nathan Alvarez
Nathan Alvarez
Don Grantham
Don Grantham 1 year

No evidence? Did they look into every closet and scour every toilet? Maybe there is some part of the DC sewers no one has delved yet. They should interrogate that old woman in my apartment block. She sounds Russian and frankly seems suspicious the way she shuffles about the hallway, no doubt on some kind of spying mission. Giving up WAY too soon here.

Watheverable GRAMPS
Watheverable GRAMPS 1 year

There's no evidence of collusion after +2 years, sad.

Tommy Hawkins
Tommy Hawkins 1 year

Again the Leftists prove they cannot help but waste Americans' resources on their neverending searches for unicorns- truly pathetic.

Paul Jackson
Paul Jackson 1 year

Dems and Rep should remain silent on the report until the special prosecutor completes his investigation, and let the facts determine next steps.

Katherine Nilsen
Katherine Nilsen 1 year

RussiaGate will be an incredible documentary showing how gullible some Americans are !

Katherine Nilsen
Katherine Nilsen 1 year

RussiaGate is the Fyre Festival of investigations. what a flaming crock of S.

jacques andre van straaten
jacques andre van straaten 1 year

If they only looked at Hilary and Bill dahm that would be a shit tone of offenses. Releasing secrets, treason and multiple counts of rape and that is just the tip.

Sloth 1 year

I can't wait to see how much was spent on all of this. Next time Republicans are denied budget they should point to this giant waste of time. And yes.. I'll be shocked if anything comes of this. There was no evidence and never has been... Oh boohoo some other country bought ads and it changed an entire nation's mind. Give me a break.

Bingo Dingo
Bingo Dingo 1 year

So can we be done with screaming about Russian collusion? Is this really the hill Democrats want to die on? They are starting to look like tin foil hat wearing lunatics.

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