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Filter added by Instagram to tackle hate speech

Filter added by Instagram to tackle hate speech

Instagram is set to roll out features which will help users avoid messages which could be abusive. In this feature, the words, phrases, and emojis will be filtered out by the application. Also, the app will make it much harder for users who have been blocked to contact accounts through new accounts. These are the new features brought by Instagram in order to control hate speech on the platform.

Brad 3 weeks

Welcome to the ministry of truth Instagram. This is the allowed script of thinkable thoughts, make sure the prols dont go and have crazy things like ideas as that would be unfortunate. If one of the peasants questions the negative tell them they can start their own social media like (chuckles) parker. Be sure none of the cattle reads any of that chomsky or bernays. Hell, make sure they dont read the user agreement for that matter.

Xander 3 weeks

Great idea show how you are even more blatantly just reading everything and that we have no privacy, if someone is sending me me offensive messages on instagram or any other platform it's a simple matter to report the offender.

Shono 3 weeks

Anyone who has seen Black Mirror "arkangel" knows why this is a horrible idea

Andrew Montague
Andrew Montague 3 weeks

You'll never be able to control people's speech and attempting to do so will only create move creative attempts to circumvent your controls. You can force people to not be a-holes only educate them to be better humans. This begins in the home and should be enforced by the community.

GUYIVKS 3 weeks

So Burn Loot Mayhem and the pantifascists will find it almost impossible to post anything?

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