UK PM May gives parliament the chance to delay Brexit

UK PM May gives parliament the chance to delay Brexit

UK PM Theresa May on Tuesday offered lawmakers the chance to vote on whether to delay Brexit or go for a no-deal exit. May announced three options - a vote on embracing an EU exit deal by March 12; if that fails, another vote on the House supporting leaving the EU without a withdrawal agreement; and finally, if both fail, a vote seeking an extension to Article 50.

Frederic Lück
Frederic Lück 1 year

So she can ignore it anyway like she did with the Brexit vote?

Tony Johnson
Tony Johnson 1 year

Are they hoping people just forget about this? They made a huge deal about it last year and now they don't wanna talk about it and keep delaying. (American here)

William Nolan
William Nolan 1 year

"If we keep delaying it, maybe they'll forget"

themanwithnoname 1 year

U focking wot m8?

Russell Daggett
Russell Daggett 1 year

I thought they had a hard deadline or it was a no-deal exit? Am I wrong?

darkwingsmurf 1 year

When you don't get the answer you want stamp your feet and dig in just like a toddler till you get your way. Like it or not the majority of the voting populace voted to leave. The idea you will be screwed if you leave is insane to an outsider. What did you do before the EU existed? I'm pretty sure you had food and meds and cars. You do have alli3s outside of the EU you trade with. What 70% of your food comes from outside the EU

Paul Hunt
Paul Hunt 1 year

This whole brexit has been a show on how the government do not serve the people almost all of them wanted to remain so does anyone truely think that they will seek the best deal or do you think that they will sabotage it to the point where it’s better to stay in and let them get there way ?

Lord Baktor
Lord Baktor 1 year

"PM May goves parliament the chance to ignore the will of the British people".

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