Thousands of migrant youth allegedly faced sexual abuse in US custody

Thousands of migrant youth allegedly faced sexual abuse in US custody

Thousands of unaccompanied minors caught crossing the southern border alleged that they were sexually abused while in US custody. Between October 2014 to July 2018, the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Refugee Resettlement received 4,556 complaints of sexual abuse. The DoJ received another 1,303 complaints. This includes 178 allegations of sexual abuse by adult staff.

DKO 1 year

Considering the NGOs were caught teaching illegal immigrants to lie in order to take advantage of laws, I wouldn't be surprised if this isn't yet another lie. I hope they got the rape kits ready.

error msg 001
error msg 001 1 year

“What kind of monsters puts children in cages” the sign reads. Well, the Obama admin, as that’s the era the infamous pics were taken of which the media so carelessly circulated. PS: In Obama’s defense (gross), they aren’t even “cages”. They’re simply detention rooms w/ fencing. You read cages you think chickens and shît - it’s a bit off. Feelings over facts is the detriment of the left.

SRC t 1 year

that why you should have never let them in in the first place!

Rocky LeBlanc
Rocky LeBlanc 1 year

After reading there was 1800+ compliants and 172 were sexual assualts. Not exactly the same as what headlines portray.

IIZard 1 year

And this is why children were separated from ADULTS.

Lowlife 1 year

80% of women who cross the border are raped by coyotes.(The people not the animal) I imagine the numbers are also high for children. Do not tell me that being in custody is worse. Of course any is too much, but this kind of thing happens when people are detained. People are evil.

Kramo 1 year

These days you can identify as a minor. who knows if this is real.

Berton Sanders
Berton Sanders 1 year


YoDude 1 year

The US has a cage around the southern border and those kiddies wanted to break in. Maybe these kids like cages.

Stupacolypse 1 year

This is an old story, and should be pointed at HHS (not US border policy). The US government routinely puts immigrant and legal US born children into the custody of people that have the potential to abuse.

Jake Middleton
Jake Middleton 1 year

This story has really opened my eyes, the border wall is to protect these poor people from Americans LOL

Crimson Jester
Crimson Jester 1 year

Well then a border wall to keep them out of the US sounds good

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