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Biden announces new US emission goal in virtual climate summit

Biden announces new US emission goal in virtual climate summit

President Joe Biden started a virtual climate summit, which is attended by 40 other world leaders, by announcing that the US will cut greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030. Speaking through videoconferencing, Biden reasserted the US as the global climate leader and pushed others to step up their efforts as goals set at the 2015 Paris deal to avoid a climate disaster have remained way off track.

Tom A
Tom A
Something Witty
Something Witty 3 weeks

The only true way to accomplish that without calamity would be to replace fossil fuels with nuclear power.

Nate 3 weeks

Its an impossible notion to believe. in 10 years we will be on the edge of the cliff you cant achieve that in 9 years. By the time 2030 hits we will be all broke and homeless

John 3 weeks

This is obviously a secret plot to get close enough to Greta Thunberg for a little sniff sniff

Rocky 3 weeks

I love how the rich always make promises on behalf of the nation when those promises only negatively affect the poor. This is one of the many reasons why us normal people hate leftist elites and their misguided use of power to oppress the workers. Beijing Biden treats us like we are disposable and they keep rubbing our faces in it. How long until we remove them completely?

James 3 weeks

If the goals set in Paris in 2015 are 'way off track' what suddenly makes 2021 'commitments' any more believable or achievable?

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