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Derek Chauvin being held in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day

Derek Chauvin being held in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day

Derek Chauvin is expected to be held at a maximum-security prison in Oak Park Heights, Minnesota, for the next eight weeks as he awaits sentencing. Chauvin is being held in isolation for 23 hours a day. Prison officers reportedly check on Chauvin every 30 minutes. On Tuesday, a jury unanimously convicted Chauvin of the murder of George Floyd.

Ben Song
Ben Song
Milly 3 weeks

Yeah....that’s not okay. Numerous reports show that solitary confinement has an impact on the mental health of prisoners for the worse. He was convicted, but hasn’t even been sentenced, and even if someone disagrees with what he did, we should never do this to prisoners, especially if there’s likelihood that they won’t be in jail their whole lives. Resitivism is a huge issue, and it’s because of this barbaric treatment (along with some other factors), and rehabbing criminals is better than straight up dehumanizing them. Disgusting

Cooper 3 weeks

He's the most infamous murderer in the country, if not the world right now. He's on suicide watch, assassination watch, all the "watches" - solitary confinement for his safety and the safety of everyone else. Maybe if he's left alone to think he'll finally start to show some remorse, maybe even flip and talk to lawmakers about the rampant racism within the force and the unofficial training/indoctrination some officers go through. We need reform, and who better to discuss reforms than a killer-cop who grew a conscience.

FoxStar 3 weeks

edit: Huh, pretty sure I hit reply on a comment. Oh well. Nothing to see here.

Nickel 3 weeks

Looks like the media is trying to cause trouble again play editing out the knife in the video fight for the police officers shot that girl mfight edia is far left fake news

(Un)Fortunate Son
(Un)Fortunate Son 3 weeks

He’ll be out on appeals. No way Maxine waters can go on live TV encouraging insurrection and have that NOT affect the verdict of the Jury.

Braindead 3 weeks

Good he deserves it. Gives him 23 hrs a day to think about why he will spend 75 yrs with plenty of cop haters.

Jon 3 weeks

You mean he hasn't committed suicide for the insurance money yet? During a camera outage? While his guards were asleep?

good citizen
good citizen 3 weeks

As someone who has personally done 104 days in solitary confinement. I believe that piece of trash Chauvin is being kept in solitary for his own safety and the safety of the prison. With that said no one should be kept in solitary confinement for long periods of time. It does not qualify as humane treatment. I have done 60 in a row and every day over 30 was hard. 15 minutes to shower 45 minutes to stretch in a cell the size of a small bedroom. If being in prison and losing your freedom of movement is your punishment, then you still have to treat that person whom ever they maybe like a human. Cops should have their own blocks and solitary confinement should only be used for suicide watch and to protect inmates and guards from uncivilized prisoners. And only for short periods of time or only 20 hours lockdown. Otherwise we need to stop pretending to be enlightened people reinstate the death penalty everywhere. Stop wasting our tax dollars and start putting our first degree murders,rapist and pedophiles in the line to be put down

Glen 3 weeks

The left is so proud of themselves, they found away to make sure this cop didn't get a fair trial. They prosecuted him in the press. They allowed the jury to watch this media frenzy, while in turn, if they didn't prosecute this officer, their lives would be in danger by the vigilantes on the left. They've literally turned our justice system into a laughing stock around the world.

Viviko 3 weeks

This is common within the prison system. It’s honestly really sad. And, is a big contributor to why a lot of inmates suffer from mental illnesses.

Robert Palmer
Robert Palmer 3 weeks

We need to come together as a country and stand up to the woke mob that intimidated the jury to convict an innocent man. George Floyd was a piece of shit who died from a drug overdose.

Jackson 3 weeks

Wtf, im glad he got convicted but thats unethical and actual torture

Met Man
Met Man 3 weeks

They should create a separate prison area for ex cops. Put them together and away from the other inmates

Ian.. 3 weeks

That sounds like a violation of the 8th amendment

Paraffin 3 weeks

This is good for Chauvin, keep him in solitary until the news dies down, that's the only way to ensure he won't be murdered in prison

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 3 weeks

Abolish solitary confinement.

Barry MC
Barry MC 3 weeks

He'll never be safe in a prison. Too much cop hate there. His best choice for protection in prison would be to align himself with a skinhead gang. If he wasn't a racist before he may become one now.

Unity.Nat 3 weeks

Terrible. He should be on house arrest. Not treated like a rabid animal.

Joe 3 weeks

It doesnt help that a galvanized nation is watching him 24/7 and that includes the inmates of the place he's at.

Jeff 3 weeks

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