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Trump Faces Backlash From Media for Defending Chairman Kim Jong Un

Trump Faces Backlash From Media for Defending Chairman Kim Jong Un

President Donald Trump receives backlash from media after stating Chairman Kim Jong Un had no involvement in the torture and death of student Otto Warmbier. Warmbier’s family states that Chairman Kim Jong Un’s rule as a harsh dictator is the main reason for their son’s death while being imprisoned in North Korea.

Sophia Raza
Sophia Raza
Sir_Kutz 1 year

This is stupid. He clearly did not defend North Korea.

The Deer King
The Deer King 1 year

Yeeeeeeeah, that’s not a good look.

EightBall 1 year

Why is it failed? Because it did not resolve much? It was a success as soon as the 2 met, who was the last President to talk with the Head of State fro NK? Would we have liked all the problems between us be solved in 1 meeting? Sure but that is unlikely. If this doesn't lead to more high level talks then maybe I would call if failed but so far we have every indication that more talks are to come.

Christian Parker
Christian Parker 1 year

Lol @ this headline.

SN 1054
SN 1054 1 year

🍿and waits for more comments

Watheverable GRAMPS
Watheverable GRAMPS 1 year

When did Trump not "face backlash from media"?

Paul Hunt
Paul Hunt 1 year

Let’s face it trump would get back lash even if he sneezed

chrisretusn 1 year

It is entirely possible that Kim Jong-un had no prior knowledge of this before it went public.

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