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Huawei CFO is suing Canada over December arrest

Huawei CFO is suing Canada over December arrest

Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou is suing the Canadian government, its border agency and the police force, alleging she was detained, searched and interrogated for three hours in violation of her constitutional rights. Canada arrested Meng at the request of the US on December 1. The suit alleges that instead of immediately arresting her, authorities interrogated Meng ’under the guise of a routine customs’.

Tommy Hawkins
Tommy Hawkins 1 year

A mainland Chinese woman suing because her human rights were violated in Canada- Wow, we have crossed into the Twilight Zone!

DKO 1 year

I wonder if the smug face will still be there once she's on the US authorities hands.

.       .
. . 1 year

Foreigners in China have no such rights and are extremely discriminated (not allowed to stay or live in many apartments and hotels, are never granted credit cards and especially never green cards, are constantly asked do you love China even though it's illegal to say you don't like China in China (disregard for local customs and beleifs [sic])... Above all foreign companies are forced to relinquish control to a big brother Chinese company to profit, control and copy. Most big foreign companies are also forced to make room for a communist oversight office. It's not allowed for foreigners to purchase foreign products overseas. Foreigners cannot apply for bank loans. Foreigners cannot change nearly as much money as Chinese ( impossible to easily send money home.) Foreigners are not entitled to self defense and beaten and deported when they do. You will NEVER be considered Chinese because of your skin but a Chinese looking American is considered Chinese. It's suicide to be a foreigner and sue in China since you never win (Michael Jordon won but nothing happened still) companies for ip same thing always lose, tech giant Apple lost to an inexistant handbag company. Every foreigner in China is discriminated, ripped off and despised by the vast majority (老外)Chinese treat foreigners with utter disdain yet will get even angrier if you don't pretend along that they're so nice to foreigners ( China double speak that they're nice reasonable people) you might think you know someone there but you'd sooner or later find out they're not. Almost categorically you'll find them to be heavily brainwashed inferiority complexed self loathing heartless, brainless, soulless abominations of this Earth. A cancerous overgrown parasitic tumor that has used the West to further party interests and undermine Western (ie modern culture) culture. I can't begin to explain how villainous these people and their party are. All I can say is this person is a party pawn and that said party will ethnically cleanse the world of any non Chinese as their end goal, Hitler is child's play in comparison to what these people do and plan to do. Canadian courts, you know what to do?

Scruffy Stoat
Scruffy Stoat 1 year

How bout we finish up this business where you're the sacrificial lamb for decades of CCP sanctioned IP and technology theft valued in the billions, possibly trillions, in potential lost profits for Americans? Then you can sue Canada or do whatever you want from your cozy federal cell, hopefully at the most UnChina-like prison available. West Texas maybe?

Michael Tatom
Michael Tatom 1 year

No chance.

swifticus 85
swifticus 85 1 year

She is guilty based on how ugly she is.

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