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Green 3 weeks

Nevermind the almost 50 LEO lost a year. Focus on the smaller numbers, that's what gets them popularity. Everyone says that 97 percent of the BLM protest were peaceful and that warrants a nomination for a Nobel peace prize. They also use that number to justify them being considered peaceful in the media. When do people start to talk about the fact that 97 percent of all police interactions are peaceful. Now go ask the youth pastor that was shot last week 6 times in Georgia for trying to help a friend in a DV situation and justify to me LEO don't always have to be on edge and cautious. Maybe if people treated each other with respect, to include law enforcement these issues would go away. Maybe if the populace would just except that cops have a job to do and allow them to do it with out adding tension to the situation so they can get 15 minutes of fame. Too many people are just full of hate these days. Some is justified but the majority is not, and the response to hate is not more hate. How do we settle these actual tensions? The answer cannot be to let criminals go free. What will actually get people to come together so we can finally hold the government accountable? The answer cannot be free money. Cause while all this is going on, our government is sneaking through changes that actually make matters worse for the people. Just my opinion. And please refrain from the typical your stupid and I am smarter then you rhetoric. Conversation does not include insults.

Prince Azmiran
Prince Azmiran 3 weeks

A reality leftists arent willing to recognize, police training is actually decent and reasonable. Not top notch but they aren't military special forces so what do you expect?

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