Second person in history reportedly cured of AIDS virus

Second person in history reportedly cured of AIDS virus

Reports suggest a man in London is the second person ever to be cured of the HIV virus after he received a bone-marrow transplant. As per the journal Nature, the man, not identified, was diagnosed with HIV in 2003. He later developed cancer and agreed to undergo a bone-marrow transplant for treatment. He stopped taking anti-HIV drugs in Sep. 2017 and has remained virus free for more than a year.

George Ashworth
George Ashworth 1 year

Hopefully this treatment will be further improved.

Chris Cahill
Chris Cahill 1 year

Let's test this grab a few AIDs patience and give them bone marrow transplants or do you have to go through chemo first that to work

DivineDawn 1 year

make sure you read the article it's convoluted not a true cure at all

Shane 1 year

Summary for anyone who is curious: NO, this is NOT a certifiable method for curing HIV. Second, the london man was not 100% certain he has been cured and neither he or his lawyers will assert so. Third, the “cure” was just treatment for cancer, and not in geared towards the HIV diagnosis. FINALLY, the most important part, “the method has been repeated unsuccessfully on other patients”.... your welcome. Case closed!

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