Virgin Atlantic’s female crew members no longer have to wear makeup

Virgin Atlantic’s female crew members no longer have to wear makeup

Virgin Atlantic is getting rid of its mandatory makeup regulations for female cabin crew members. The move represents a symbolic shift in an industry long notorious for its requirements that flight attendants maintain a level of physical appearance. The changes were made after feedback from employees at the company.

CharlieMike 1 year

The average woman spends 15,000 a year on makeup!!? $300 a week!? Are you kidding me? I call BS. I am glad this is happening. 15,000! Way to prioritize ladies. 312 a month into a moderate growth mutual fund from 18 to retirement and you retire a millionaire.

An Inappropriate Name
An Inappropriate Name 1 year

This provides an opportunity for an interesting case study. With makeup being voluntary and not mandatory, will the employees that use beury products have better job performance and/or experience? Does feeling exceptionally attractive (especially in comparison to others) have improvements on mood and behaviour?

ronnie massart
ronnie massart 1 year

don't most women want to wear makeup

MightyMargulis 1 year

a uniform is a uniform but i didn't know you could force women to wear makeup.

1 year

Makeup is Fakeup.

IIZard 1 year

Branson is an EU cuck

David James
David James 1 year

just fire the ones that bitch about something so insignificant and hire prettier ones. If you don't like the rules get a real job where you are not hired to look pretty.

Mark90 1 year

Since when were they "Required" to wear makeup? Never.

some bastard
some bastard 1 year

makeup is for thots

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