US trade deficit surges to a 10-year high in 2018

US trade deficit surges to a 10-year high in 2018

The US trade deficit hit a 10-year high in 2018, growing by $69 billion, to $621 billion. The Census Bureau noted that since President Trump took office, the deficit has grown by more than $100 billion. This implies that the country is importing in more goods and services than it exports.

Cire Nesnah
Cire Nesnah 1 year

Do you guys even read the articles or just the titles? here is a clip from one of the articles. "Economists say the rising trade gap also reflects a strong dollar and relatively robust economic growth in the U.S., due to Mr. Trump’s tax cuts in 2017." edit: I am not a Trump supporter, but at least a do a bit of reading to figure out what's going on.

Rocky LeBlanc
Rocky LeBlanc 1 year

Trade deficit is not a negative. Who is pushing this garbage narrative? Their is no amount of trade that is a negative for either side. If we bought more goods from them than they did from us that is not a loss for us. 🤦 This is a fundamental failure in understanding economics.

redhandsbluefaces 1 year

This summary is so biased the poster should feel ashamed.

Mr steve davis
Mr steve davis 1 year

The better an economy is doing the more people consume.

Dysentery Gary
Dysentery Gary 1 year

Winning!!! ....wait what?

Tish Tosh
Tish Tosh 1 year

Fixing a broken system doesn't happen over night. If you break a bone and it heals wrong, you have to break it again before it can heal correctly. If it were easy to fix a broken country, someone would have done it already. Someone has the balls to take the blame of a decade of hard times so that when he's long gone, the people can have a better America. Putting a bandaid on a broken bone isn't kindness, its cowardice.

Jason E
Jason E 1 year

Fake news. The USA has the most trusted currency etc in the world. Anyone would be happy to see an American soldier. No one would be happy to see an isis soldier. The USA is god’s gift to the world. I say that as a former catholic.

Rational ific
Rational ific 1 year

We need to be consistent to be taken seriously. The rising debt is still a problem, and more needs to be done to stop it.

Prodigal Liberal
Prodigal Liberal 1 year

Blame Trump again and not China? Europe yesterday, America today, China tomorrow if the Trump haters have their way.

Crimson Jester
Crimson Jester 1 year

So people want to sell us stuff and we have the money to buy it. There is a problem here?

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