El Salvador frees 3 women jailed for abortion

El Salvador frees 3 women jailed for abortion

El Salvador’s Supreme Court has commuted the 30-year sentences of three women imprisoned for abortion convictions. The court ordered the three women, who have spent about 10 years in prison, to be released immediately. The court found that the women were victims of social and economic circumstances and ruled that the original sentences were unreasonable.

Mark90 1 year

Pu$$y pass

Guy Harrison
Guy Harrison 1 year

If abortion was all of a sudden considered murder, think of all the murderers freely walking around and functioning in society. Cutting an animal's life short by your will is killing. But cutting a human's life short is murder. What is cutting a life short? Instilling your will on another through such extreme force that the potential future life of the human ceases to be. I see no difference after conception with this potentiality.

David O'Doherty
David O'Doherty 1 year

Nations that fall away from Christ fall away from themselves

Just An Opinion
Just An Opinion 1 year

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