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Psaki snaps at reporter who pressed her on Biden’s own role in ’systemic racism’

Psaki snaps at reporter who pressed her on Biden’s own role in ’systemic racism’

Jen Psaki, President Joe Biden’s press secretary, cut off NY Post’s Steve Nelson when he persisted on asking her on Biden’s own role in ’systemic racism’ in the US. When Nelson asked Psaki if Biden acknowledges the criticism for enacting federal laws that resulted in mass jailing of black people, Psaki gave a vague answer. When Nelson asked a follow-up poser, Psaki said, ’I’ve already answered.’

Tom A
Tom A
Matthew 3 weeks

Lmao, if there is systematic racism (a rather large if) Biden MUST be a part of it. He has been running the system for over 40 years.

Hunter 3 weeks

Biden is as big a part of systemic racism as anyone else. The crime bill in 1994 and the fact he STILL hasn’t legalized marijuana are just two examples.

Eddie 3 weeks

I'm just surprised he gets a pass for some of the racist stuff he's said. I guess as long as you have a D by your name it's all good though.

michael 3 weeks

He really does need to reverse the damage he has done as senator.

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 3 weeks

Ummm yeah, he was one of the creators of the crime bill that caused alot of racial inequality and issues related. That is just a variable fact.

Noah PaulOG
Noah PaulOG 3 weeks

Her job is to make the Biden administration seem positive and effective, but questions make that difficult.

Seekster 3 weeks

There is no longer systematic racism in America...well except for Affirmative Action and Critical Race Theory in some districts. Beyond that its individuals who are engaging in racism.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 2 weeks

Chucky should just hand over her binder at the beginning of each press conference and leave, since she can't give any answers that aren't already in there.

BaFbF 3 weeks

Lol...uh-oh. Someone is big mad!

Firkintoro 3 weeks

Wait till they find out what role Biden played in South America and the immigration crises it caused...

Glen 3 weeks

We all know Demacrats do not like facts, it's to intimidating.

James Sanford (Retroambassador)
James Sanford (Retroambassador) 3 weeks

It's a fair question.

Mandraquex3000 3 weeks

Mom mmmm... the journos are smelling blood in the water

FirstCensorshipThenJail 3 weeks

Little Red Lying Hood.

Darius 3 weeks

At least Biden has admitted he was wrong about some of the policies he supported.

David 3 weeks

What's the over/under until Pakistan quits?

Eric 2 weeks

This is an admin where absolutely nobody seems competent or has any thing close to a straight answer to anything. Duck and evade seems to be the plan.

Trevelyn 2 weeks

Sooner or later the Systemic rasisim weapon will be used against everyone .

a commoner
a commoner 3 weeks

Don't mess with the king or you will be cancelled

Dirty Dan
Dirty Dan 3 weeks

Imagine being a representative of the government and getting mad at someone for asking questions 🤡

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