Tim Berners-Lee says we can still save the web

Tim Berners-Lee says we can still save the web

The World Wide Web needs to rediscover its strengths and grow into maturity, Tim Berners-Lee said on Monday, marking the 30th anniversary of the collaborative software project. In an open letter, Berners-Lee said many people now felt unsure about whether the web was a force for good. He said, though, it would be defeatist and unimaginative to assume that it could not change for the better.

Hkmk23 1 year

Very simple to clean up the web. #1. Ban advertising. #2. Ban "social" media. Job done!

Lord Baktor
Lord Baktor 1 year

I see the future of the web as even more corporate and censorious with a dash of alternative spheres where people still use it as they see fit until some government ir other cracks down on them on behalf of the corporations. Then another alternative sphere emerges for a little while and the cycle repeats until corporate engulfs everything.

Miles O'Brien
Miles O'Brien 1 year

It's already in the toilet. Time to flush.

Magister Mortran
Magister Mortran 1 year

It was better and more useful in the first years. When it became more interactive and more women and other tech ignorants entered the Internet, the content became mostly garbage and the censorship increased. The principle problem now is censorship. Blocking, deleting and banning falls under the 1st Amendment and should therefore be regulated by courts, not admins and moderators. Nobody should be allowed to suppress an opinion without a court order that proves that a crime was committed, e.g. by spreading illegal content or calling for physical violence.

Noahh 1 year

Thank you Al Gore, very cool

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