drakethesnake 1 year

We past the point of no return 2 years ago, meaning it won't resolve itself unless we are carbon negative. Unless we have no green house gas emmissions in 11 years the following extinction will be worse than when the dinosaurs were wiped out. Half of all wildlife has already been killed in the past 40 years, the current extinction rate is 1000-10,000 times larger than the background rate. The entire middle east, half of Africa, 1/4 of Asia, and 1/4 of North America Will be completely uninhabitable for humans within 50 years. 2.5 billion people rely on glaciers that feed rivers for drinking water that won't exist within 20 years. People are melting down over 25,000 Syrian refugees, climate change will displace minimum 4 billion people. 1/4 of the world thinks the US is the greatest threat to world peace, but it's not. It's propaganda, oil companies, corrupt politicians, the lack of the everyday person to affect real change.

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