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Tesla’s solar panels to be sold only with Powerwall

Tesla’s solar panels to be sold only with Powerwall

Tesla’s solar-energy products will only be sold with its energy-storage battery Powerwall, CEO Elon Musk tweeted last week. The integrated system will enable a ’seamless whole house backup during utility dropouts,’ Musk added. The announcement came after Musk was told by a user that his Tesla panels hadn’t generated a ’single watt-hour’ since Jan. because his utility hasn’t approved the connection

riheg 3 weeks

How much Co2 will it release when manufacturing these? We’re not allowed to know? China builds 70 coal power plants yearly. Perspective is taboo in climate “journalism” where it’s about feeling good and not reality.

george 3 weeks

There's plenty of others out there doing similar stuff. I'm getting solar installed next week with a battery back up. It's enough to power my heat, kitchen, water heater, garage, bed rooms, living room and office. Costing me nothing to do as well. It's a "lease" program that basically pays part of your power bill every month. My house (a big one) uses about $300-$400 worth of electricity a month. This will take my bill below $200/month. And it won't change for 25 years. Ironically exactly what I have left on my mortgage and what my knees can take from climbing the stairs. The money is only part of it for me though. The other part is if the entire grid goes down I'll still have power. Even if I have to push snow off the panels I'll have power. And heat. And be able to cook.

Bart 3 weeks

Good idea, not that 99% of people will ever be able to afford it but still, good idea.

Erik 2 weeks

Great idea. Prices will come down. Renewable energy costs are already lower in most of the civilized world (check regarding Wright’s Law).

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