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Miles O'Brien 5 months
I think what she was getting at is the immorality of investors seeking profit from what are essentially businesses working against the overall good of society. Morality is never a question addressed in maximizing the bottom line.

Alex B 5 months
Has she accomplished anything at all yet?
david dindu 5 months
scared amazon off
Colin M. 5 months
She exposed massive corruption in the political class and showed how the elite basically train politicians before they start after being elected. She has been fighting for a green new deal, better wages, M4A, end to illegal wars and massively wasted funds that have bot made the country safer, been a proponent of making the rich carry their fair share of taxes, etc etc. Thats just the start... She's done quite well for herself despite the fa t that everyone watches every little thing she does under a microscope to try to smear her into oblivion due to being absolutely terrified of her. One of the few decent politicians that I think will get better after she spends more than a few months in office.

Rational ific 5 months
Those are my children. I deposited them just last month.
Sloth 5 months
What kind of interest do you earn?
Rational ific 5 months
Quite a lot. It turns out that many people are "interested" in why I would do that. :)

Turn N Burn 5 months
Everytime I see her, for some reason she looks like Jiminy Cricket to me!

Got Truth 5 months
I’m becoming more convinced that AOC must be a plant for the Trump camp. No one is this idiotic......
Hannibal 5 months
At least we're getting our money's worth; Dems pushed Trump in the media assuming he'd lose.
Got Truth 5 months
True that Hannibal.

Watheverable GRAMPS 5 months
A bank *gasp* loaned money?!
Oliver Biscuit 5 months
No kidding. I dunno what she was babbling on about. Shame the CEO of Wells-Fargo didn't call her out on it.

Hannibal 5 months
What a lunatic! This clueless woman is simply a shiny object for Democratic voters to look at. And liberals call Trump erratic and stupid.
The Autarch 5 months
I hear populism is the new cool thing in politics lately.
FoodNotBombs 5 months
she's brilliant, love how much she triggers the right wing
Talon One 5 months
she's basically the Democrat Donald Trump, only with insanely far left politics

SimonR 5 months
Apparently they were being criticised for... Making investments... And "not improving enough". Is there something more substantial or is this more democrat witch hunting?
Jimmy P 5 months
don't forget the thousand apon thousand of fraud accounts employee's made.
SimonR 5 months
Where was that criticism made?

Miles O'Brien 5 months
Wells Fargo needs to be shut down.
Roadhog 5 months
Why? I have a WF account and none of this clown show affects me.