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Miles O'Brien 6 months
He may be smart but still a criminal.

Judi Em 6 months
If he was so smart you would expect him to want students to enter college on their own hard work and merits.

chrisretusn 6 months
Probably smarter than the folks who write headlines that's for sure.

David James 6 months
what's wrong with Florida... so epic all the time

Just An Opinion 6 months
$200,000 over 10 years? That's what AOC was on, before she went into politics.
Turn N Burn 6 months
Yeah! I was thinkin, he couldn't be THAT smart.

Watheverable GRAMPS 6 months
You never know what Florida Man will do next!
Big Bad BoogieMan 6 months
Apparently this time he got a really high SAT score...

Adam Marceau 6 months
just a really smart guy dumb enough to break the law. wonder how much time he is going to get
Chris Cahill 6 months
no only dumb enough to get caught

Robert 6 months
There's that state again...

Alex Of Knox 6 months
What a nice guy