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Brandon Spears 7 months
Ok so some of you guys didnt read the articles and its sad because majority of the articles are from the right, but this isn't a ban on transgenders (left stance) and transgenders aren't getting banned because they are mentally unstable (right stance). Left stance adressed: Transgenders can still join the military with gender dysphoria, the only difference is after April 12th if you take hormone pills or are transitioning before enlisting, you cant join, meaning that if you are transgender but do not require medication or a transition you are still allowed to join the military. Out of 14000 trans soldiers in the military only 1000 of them have been diagnosed with gender dysphoria. right stance addressed: No one is being banned based on transgenders being mentally unstable, in fact transgenders can still be allowed in the military, you guys clearly didnt read the articles to make that argument, the whole time the articles never mentioned mental stability and mainly mentioned money and how much some transgenders were costing the military
Lee Skalla 7 months
Exactly, the worst part about about the current tribalism culture, is the inability to see the forest for the trees. Thank you for pointing out reality and keep up with the good fight.
Johnathan 7 months
Just because something wasn’t written about in the article doesn’t mean a point can’t be brought up in the comments ABOUT the article.
Brandon Spears 7 months
@John Thomas that's fine, but two things: 1. transgenders are still allowed in the military regardless of your comments about mental illness. 2. The articles never talk about mental illness of transgenders (and I'm 100% confident the military would probably have mentioned the suicide rates of trans in the military if it was a very big issue) but seeing as how all the articles talk about is the money issue and not the mental, you guys are basically bringing up stuff that has no relevancy to the conversation nor any backings by the military themselves as far as suicide rates of transgenders in the military