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ConcealCarryProtect 7 months
Trans: I serve in Information Technology Service For Military Advantage And Measures in the Navy. Also known as I.T.S. M.A.A.M. for short.
SimonR 7 months
(Un)Fortunate Son 7 months
Good one XD
Watheverable GRAMPS 7 months
But sir.

Sandslashr 7 months
The only people that should be fighting for our country are those who are physically and mentally well enough to serve.
Samuel Pearson MOD 7 months
And that is already determined by a screening process. I know a couple trans people that are more physically fit and mentally stable than most cis people I know. The military doesn’t need or want a group-wide ban.
David Eggleston 7 months
Sam, do they require any meds to maintain their lifestyle?
Hannibal 7 months
Never served with trans but straight vs. gay female fitness is hilariously in favor of the latter. Lesbians were an out group for a time and they proved to be spectacularly reliable.

ConcealCarryProtect 7 months
Combat Medic: Where are you hit??? What's your preferred pronouns?
Sullivas 7 months
CCP on a roll
ConcealCarryProtect 7 months
I know they deleted one of my better ones :/

Kaloyan Borissov 7 months
That moment when you've lost 40% of your unit before even meeting the enemy
Inginigos 7 months
They dig out trenches.
Syrocynical 7 months
trans people probably dont make up 40% of the military just saying
Just An Opinion 7 months
I think you got your numbers mixed up. Trannies only make up 0.3% of the population. 40% is the rate at which trannies attempt suicide, and the suicide rate doesn't change significantly pre- vs post- body mutilation. Any demographic that suicides at such a consistently high rate should be classified as mentally ill. And mentally ill people should not have guns.

(Un)Fortunate Son 7 months
Joining the military isn’t a right. The military should be able to turn down people at their discretion.

Planned Obsoylescence 7 months
I am not allowed to be in there Army/Navy/Airforce due to partial colour blindness. Do you think I take it personally? No, because I understand the situation. A good friend of mine can't be a pilot (commercial) because he had diabetes, Does he take it personally? No. But if you wanna chop your dick off and shove what's left of it inside you to prove your mentally stable and should be able to join the military, we all need to accept that? Fuck off.

Julian 7 months
Imagine using taxpayer dollars to mutiliate your body.
Jim Regan 7 months
That was the scam.

Brandon Spears 7 months
Ok so some of you guys didnt read the articles and its sad because majority of the articles are from the right, but this isn't a ban on transgenders (left stance) and transgenders aren't getting banned because they are mentally unstable (right stance). Left stance adressed: Transgenders can still join the military with gender dysphoria, the only difference is after April 12th if you take hormone pills or are transitioning before enlisting, you cant join, meaning that if you are transgender but do not require medication or a transition you are still allowed to join the military. Out of 14000 trans soldiers in the military only 1000 of them have been diagnosed with gender dysphoria. right stance addressed: No one is being banned based on transgenders being mentally unstable, in fact transgenders can still be allowed in the military, you guys clearly didnt read the articles to make that argument, the whole time the articles never mentioned mental stability and mainly mentioned money and how much some transgenders were costing the military
Lee Skalla 7 months
Exactly, the worst part about about the current tribalism culture, is the inability to see the forest for the trees. Thank you for pointing out reality and keep up with the good fight.
Johnathan 7 months
Just because something wasn’t written about in the article doesn’t mean a point can’t be brought up in the comments ABOUT the article.
Brandon Spears 7 months
@John Thomas that's fine, but two things: 1. transgenders are still allowed in the military regardless of your comments about mental illness. 2. The articles never talk about mental illness of transgenders (and I'm 100% confident the military would probably have mentioned the suicide rates of trans in the military if it was a very big issue) but seeing as how all the articles talk about is the money issue and not the mental, you guys are basically bringing up stuff that has no relevancy to the conversation nor any backings by the military themselves as far as suicide rates of transgenders in the military

An Inappropriate Name 7 months
The line of hormone treatment and surgery makes sense. I know that it will be met with harsh criticism but once you're at a point that your altering the structure and hormonal balance of your body you're putting your duties aside for health purposes. I feel the objective should always be to put those that are ready and willing in the position to take on the responsibility of the role. Surgery/Hormones may affect the status of what we'd deem a "ready" soldier.

Mark Oulaghan 7 months
common sense

Jesse Watson 7 months
Personally I think it’s ok if a Trans individual wants to serve but they should be forced to wait until after their transition is complete. I worked with a Trans individual for awhile while they were still in the process and their emotions and hormones were all out of wack and to be honest I wouldn’t want to be stuck in a foxhole or in a combat situation with someone like that

Rational ific 7 months
How about people with "flat feet"?

OUTRAW mf 7 months
"need" you keep saying that word, but I don't think it means what you think it means
ConcealCarryProtect 7 months
Right. the only people who need their dick cut off is rapists and pedophiles.
a person 7 months
I think CCP is on to something. We should get all the pedophiles a prescription for "gender reassignment surgery".

Lord Baktor 7 months
Joining the military is not a human right, so I don't get what the fuss is about. If you need hormones or surgery I bet you are not in top physical and mental condition.

Jerry Totten 7 months
This still doesn't address the vastly higher suicide rate amongst the transgender, and then placing them in a high stress environment with a high suicide rate as is, as well as a high rate of cluster suicides in units due to strong ties between personnel. In short this policy decision will still cause an increase in lives lost amongst our service members. It is a bad call and not a "good compromise" at all.

Johnathan 7 months
Serving in the US military is not a “right”, if we are unwilling to take troops for any other mental illness why would we take someone who has been diagnosed with gender dysphoria and has a higher rate of suicide? You’re just becoming a burden on the military at that point.

Jim Regan 7 months

drakethesnake 7 months
White people have a much higher scuicide rate than Asian or Black people so obviously white people are mentally unstable and shouldn't be allowed in the military too right? I mean that is what you are saying. The group with the highest scuicide rate shouldn't be allowed in. If you haven't completed the Agoge you aren't a man and if you think you are you're mentally unstable and unfit to serve. Just look at the scuicide rates of people who didn't complete it. Sex is a biological consistent, gender refers to the society and how people in that society classify people in it. No male in modern western society would be considered a man in Sparta. In modern society gender isn't determined by religious trials it's determined by personal preference. It has everything to do with society not accepting them, causing a greater amount of assult, depression and hence a greater scuicide rate. Please shove your psudoscience up your ass. You can manipulate statistics to any end.
Adam Marceau 7 months
the rates aren't even comparable.... the rate of suicide among the trans community is 40% which is in line with mental illnesses like schizophrenia. which is why gender dysphoria was classified as a mental illness until the morons went on politicizing the condition
Beisht Kione 7 months
Drake, here is an article that explains all of the mental disorders that are barred from military service. Since you think trans people should be allowed to join, I would like you to explain why each and every other disorder should be allowed in the military as well. I'm sure you have never served in the Canadian military, but I'm sure you know what's best for the US military. So go ahead, go point by point through the article.
drakethesnake 7 months
The scuicide rate for 15-24 year olds just hit 20% The scuicide rate for white people is 15%. Those are also massive numbers when compared to the rest of the population. By your own reasons for not wanting transgender people in, they shouldn't be allowed in either. If you're still insisting on being retarded, what is your percentage threshold by group of people to limit service exactly? 20% scuicide rate for you is reasonable then? or is 30% ok? but 40% whoah nonono. That's unreasonable. Perhaps being assulted, harrased, and bullied your entire life is the actual reason the rates are higher. Nothing to do with how they seem themselves. More over If you want to talk about delusional 77% of the US population believes in a space ghost that created the universe, should they be bared from military service as well? They seem a lot more delusional than someone feeling something about their identity. In all honestly it seems more likely you are just scared someone might say "that chick has a bigger dick than you." If you really are against scuicide shouldn't you be against the military as an organization not just arguing against who can join as the military increases scuicide rates by 50% against the general population. Or do you only care because someone mislabeling gender triggers you?

okawo 7 months
a good idea

Connie Ad 7 months
Historically the military didn't allow people who required regular medication for health issues, mental or physical, to enlist. If you developed a condition after you joined that required regular medication, you usually were given a medical discharge. It is common sense.