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Lord Baktor 6 months
Wait, did they just realize that leaving the EU would give them the power of making autonomous decisions seeking the benefit of their country? Here I was thinking UK economy would be doomed without the foot of the EU firmly olanted on their neck.

SimonR 6 months
Woo, cheaper imports!

Sloth 6 months
Theoretically they would just need to do that and open trade with France via the chunnel in the same way and they would still receive most of the trade benefits, no? Does the EU have any major export restrictions for individual countries?
MT144 6 months
are you dense? Free trade with France is off the table. You either have free trade with the whole block or tarifs. There will be no free trade or exceptions from any of the EU countries.
Sloth 6 months
I was asking, but way to be polite. I was just too lazy to look up laws in another country or union. But thanks for your incredibly polite response. You are a wonderful person. Good job on relating to humans. I am glad you are on this planet.