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beanie weaine 6 months
Radiation around cell towers has been proven dangerous already why would they let a tower be built so close to a school.
Der Rikmeister 6 months
Proof or citation that goes with your claim, please.
(Un)Fortunate Son 6 months
Beanie literally everything gives off radiation. I don’t see how a cell tower can be the soul cause for cancer in these kids. Probably some sort of fire alarm malfunction or something stored in the school.

MT144 6 months
they are all probably usin instagram too, that gives them double cancer!

Luficer Morningstar 6 months
Boycott 5G

DKO 6 months
You'd imagine the parents would spend the money treating the kid, instead filing a bogus lawsuit. They even hired a con artist posing as specialist, to say some bullshit.
Tethtibis Deseidhr 6 months
Ben, that link is unavailable. do you happen to have a mirror link, or perhaps a synopsis?
Ben B. 6 months

Turn N Burn 6 months
Simply take your child out of the school.
Young Kekistani(Not Cenk) 6 months
It's not that simple.
Turn N Burn 6 months
I mean, would you really rather your child get cancer than even, say, miss a year of school? To me the answer is very obvious.
Young Kekistani(Not Cenk) 5 months
Of course not. The school districts where I live won't simply let you register your children at a different school because it's based on where you live and how the boundaries are drawn. Not everyone can afford to move least not right away. And who's not to say more of these towers won't go up any way. There's more data on the subject that needs to be explored and I'm not drawing any conclusions whether 5g technology is harmful or not.

Bryce Schniers 6 months
no, that's not how wireless signals work. thats not how anything like it works. it doesn't give off ionizing radiation unless its useing beta or gamma Ray's to communicate, em radiation is different

Young Kekistani(Not Cenk) 6 months
So ask why the Fire Department requested to get theirs removed?