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Demonstrators demand release of bodycam footage after black man shot by cop

Demonstrators demand release of bodycam footage after black man shot by cop

Demonstrators in North Carolina have called for the release of police bodycam footage after a sheriff’s deputy fatally shot Andrew Brown Jr., a black father of ten. Eyewitnesses said that Andrew Brown Jr. was shot at multiple times while he was trying to drive away. The car skidded out of Brown’s yard and eventually hit a tree. Police were serving a search warrant for his arrest at the time.

jamie 3 weeks

We have a systemic issue that absolutely has to be talked about.....resisting the process to be held accountable for your criminal actions is out of control.

Eric 3 weeks

Lets completely ignore the behavior of the guy that runs trying to avoid arrest. He did nothing wrong except try to escape justice and escape responsibility for his earlier actions. Simply being arrested, or being served a warrant is unacceptable! There is a systemic issue here, but I believe you looking on the wrong side of these issues. Folks see and yell injustice, while completely failing to see the actions or circumstances that ultimately led to the tragic outcome. I cannot say for certain, but I think, had he just let folks serve the warrant and/or allowed himself to be arrested, he would be alive to fight the allegations against him. BLM and like minded activist never mention or advocate for compliance during a police interaction, they turn a blind eye to the events and history that led up to the event, just so they can blame somebody else. BLM and like minded feeds off the woes of the black community, they certainly do not help it.

D 3 weeks

One way not too get shot- don't run.

Shono 3 weeks

10 kids? Mental problems need to be investigated

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