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M.Twain 5 months
McSally, I've got my money so screw all the other military projects, I don't care if they are for upgraded hospitals at other bases, just as long as my contractors get paid so they can kick me back money. Dirty politics at its best.
Turn N Burn 5 months
Thanks for taking our country seriously. I don't know where you reside, but at my home we deal with the ill effects of the perilously porous border hourly.
M.Twain 5 months
BC, I have to call BS on your claim. Exaggerate much, you have to deal with the brown hordes 24/7, you need some documentation to prove that bs.
Turn N Burn 5 months
do you want Coroner's notices of all the people I know that have overdosed on heroin and Fentanyl from Mexico? Would that work for you? or perhaps pictures of the homeless communities that live everywhere in their own poop and needles, seeing as the prison population is overflowing with illegals and can't support drug offenders any longer? Perhaps video recordings of the all night visits to the 500 sq ft 1 bedroom house next to me where at least 10 people somehow live? Let me know.

Virtual Signals 5 months
I’m shocked. A senator doing what’s best for her State, not what the outrage crowd demand.