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Deadman 0_0 6 months
Unless you can test various talc products from that period to prove it this could just be another cash grab. Yes an internal memo that stated a fear of natural asbestos in talc mines is concerning but without proof nothing is certain.
drakethesnake 6 months
They admitted they knew about it the entire time... Fuckin what?
FoodNotBombs 6 months
LOL you trust a corporation
Fonky Munk 6 months
Dude she’s going to die of cancer... we all know you’re jealous she’s getting $29M but please try to be a little less transparent with your bullshit next time. 😂😂🤣

Andrew Johnston 6 months
In the 50s and 60s everyone was dusting themselves daily with that stuff. And one woman's legal team have convinced a bleeding heart jury that she got cancer and that jury has deemed compensation of $29million .

Kenguru Safari 6 months
cash grab or not. getting cancer off the shelves gotta be a stwp in the right direction.