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T3hGladiator 6 months
Afraid I think would be the wrong term, more like trepidatious. There are a lot of questions still left to be answered. Such as: The train question: does the self driving car (a) hit a group of people or (b) a baby? Or (c) sacrifice the passenger of said car. Vulnerability to hacking is another big problem. Someone being able to take over your car to hit another car, gas station, or just send you over a cliff. One lucky or evil group could effectively destroy an entire country's infrastructure in a megahack of thousands of cars. Just food for thought.
Sothensloth 6 months
I hear ya. saw a vid where they can hack traffic lights, that alone would kill thousands. guess were lucky no intelligent terrorists have surfaced yet.

crackerjack9 6 months
I'm not afraid of self-driving cars, I simply hate the idea of what AI is going to do to our economy and the human race. Every one of those cars, every self-checkout... is taking a job away from someone who desperately needs it to support their family. what's going to happen when those jobs are all gone? We are going to have a whole generation of unemployed people on the brink of poverty. The big corporations are going to save millions NOT paying employees, but how is that going to help the rest of the American citizens?
SimonR 6 months
AI already run everything, what do you think banking is...
Stefan Wayne (Schumanicha) 6 months
Can't be worse than what politics and religion have done/are still doing. AI is logical after all.
SimonR 6 months
My logic is undeniable

Don Grantham 6 months
Death on the highways is just one software update away.

Dawlben 6 months
And how many are afraid of human driven?

Hannibal 6 months
Why should I care about their feelings? Most people don't understand how their toilet works, let alone self-driving cars. Over 37k people were killed last year in traffic accidents. That's TWELVE 9/11s per year.

NPC#1337 T3H H0nkulAr 6 months
I can see why, they my father was raped and killed my mother.

g00gle minus 6 months
Robot cars that I am supposed to trust my life to? What could possibly go wrong? 😑

CoLpOeSnED 6 months
yeah, I'd be paranoid for sure.

noonespecific 6 months
I'm more worried about what the self driving cars will do in the hands of big tech companies. Will they cut down people's cars for having the wrong opinions or limit people from traveling to places they are opposed to.

Kenguru Safari 6 months
im not careful around my power toold and machines. cant you tell im just really afraid of them?

Ywacch 6 months
The new anti vaxxers