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david dindu 6 months
one less getting a paycheck

Bulk Smash!!! 6 months
Awww! I was hoping at least one leftist would make some sort of comment on this topic so that I could say something like "... apparently there is so collusion because if there was don't you think the jack-booted facist sending deep state brown shirts to arrest people in front of cameras at 6 in the morning would want to benefit politically from all of his heavy-handed efforts"? But no. Why would a leftist take in information that doesn't support their extremely warped, narrow world view.

Virtual Signals 6 months
What a colossal waste of money. Butthurt can be really expensive.

MozartFX 6 months
Back to working for the DNC I guess...

Tommy Hawkins 6 months
Good to see a known Clinton donor is stepping off that pathetic witch hunt.

Watheverable GRAMPS 6 months
So, no collusion?