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Brian of Life 6 months
Kid wants more days out of school, finds cause liberal teachers can't argue against, is nominated for Nobel Peace Prize. It's 2019. Makes sense.

D M 6 months
If I organise a protest against the tides in the oceans can I have a Nobel peace prize as well?

Nico 6 months
So, she got nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize at 16...because she started protests in Sweden, over Climate Change. Do I have that right? “Thunberg began a solo protest in Sweden in August but has since inspired students around the globe. Strikes are expected in 1,659 towns and cities in 105 countries on Friday, involving hundreds of thousands of young people.” “In 2014, the peace prize was awarded to 17-year-old Malala Yousafzai, “for the struggle ... for the right of all children to education”. She survived a Taliban assassination attempt in 2012.” So, Malala Yousafzai of Pakistan survived an assassination in 2014, for bringing awareness to the right to children to get an education. That would seem to be worth getting the Nobel Peace Prize. Meanwhile, Greta Thunberg started a Congo line of impressionable young people about something I very much doubt they fully understand. Did literally no one before her make a big deal about Climate Change in Sweden? They have Internet in Sweden, same as the US, so I find it hard to believe she alone actualized this movement. Unless I’m missing something, nothing about her actions makes her worthy of the Peace Prize; in fact, I’d say her getting students to quit their education and riot is actually doing more harm than good. Everything about these reports raises more questions than answers.
DKO 6 months
At least she didn't eat a tide pod.

D. No Name 6 months
What other people did for the price: Fight against War, fight against discrimination, help their country ad other countries in general. What she did: Skipping School every friday ...
Rift Walker 6 months
Since no one is exceptional anymore, prize standards have been lowered to stay relevant

R Lewis 6 months
She's sixteen. I'm sure the young lady truly believes she understands the nuances of political manouvering and the "settled science" behind her convictions. I retain hope that this beacon holder of our next generation will be sufficiently open minded to examine alternate possibilities, beginning with the hypothesis that she may have been lied to in her formative years. Of course, I may be off-target here, what with my (professional science) background being at odds with the "consensus opinion".

David O'Doherty 6 months
Pathetic leftists using children to push there bullshit. THIS is how I know it's all bullshit. THIS article and I'm off the fence. Leftist scum..

KOAN. 6 months
Norway is so adorable
Turn N Burn 6 months
I like their signs with the funny letters!

Tetranome 6 months
But why though? (Reads articles) Yeah but why though?