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david dindu 8 months
nominate a jew to show how woke u are
Judi Em 8 months
That is the virtue signaling mindset of those voters in MN.
Mike McWay 8 months
I actually think that would be amazing. The debate would epic 🤣
(Un)Fortunate Son 8 months
I even the democrats know putting a Jew and a Muslim in the same room for prolonged periods of time is a bad idea.

M.Twain 8 months
It's all about the Benjamins
(Un)Fortunate Son 8 months
Really Twain? Is that all? It has nothing to do with Israel’s neighbors ?
M.Twain 8 months
Son you mean the ones the Zionest terrorist kicked out of their lands
(Un)Fortunate Son 8 months
You mean the Zionist terrorists who have five times offered them back their land peacefully and have been five times rejected.

U WOT M8 8 months
No one from the Minneapolis Clowncil should ever be allowed to run for high office.

Tommy Nelson 8 months
As a Minnesota resident, please get her the hell out of there. God, it's like her and AOC are in a contest to show the world how bat shit crazy they are.

Cory Pritchard 8 months
They won't be able to beat her in a primary.