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Bartłomiej Styczeń 5 months
Pole here, to clarify some things. - this is not a leading or even mainstream newspaper, this is some fringe thingy nobody I knew ever heard about - it is not a right wing journal - in the title it says "neither left nor right - Just Poland". let's remember that antisemitism is not exclusive to right wing - it is not endorsed or distributed in the parliament. It was available for purchase in a privately owned and managed newspaper kiosk that was inside the parliament building The rest seems about right, and that journal and article seems way too ridiculous to be taken seriously.
none of your business 5 months
You say it’s too ridiculous to be taken seriously. Do you think it’s meant to be taken as satire or as a joke? Or does the article seem serious, and it’s just ridiculous to you?
Opher Simani 5 months
Do they have an article discussing how to recognize a Muslim?
MightyMargulis 5 months
thank you