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Milios 5 months
Intersectionality ideologues do the same

AY-MO mk2 5 months
Im fucking telling you, some sly bastard is trying to make anti-semitism acceptable. We're seeing more and more examples happen

Kenguru Safari 5 months
someone translate article?

Will Long 5 months
Jewish Telegraphic Agency Times of Israel Hmmm...

David O'Doherty 5 months
This whole story is anti right wing, anti Polish, anti Catholic propaganda.

SimonR 5 months
Joke paper makes joke! International news!

TakeThePill 5 months

KOAN. 5 months
Anyone else notice the sharp downturn in content on Newsvoice 🤔
Joseph 5 months
Looks to me like the quality of content just went through the roof.

g00gle minus 5 months
Simple solution to this: Tell the operator of that newspaper retail space that either he stops selling that racist rag of a "newspaper" (I use that term derisively) or the parliament building will not renew his lease. They can say it is because they plan to renovate the space so he must vacate it, or that they are raising his rent higher than he can afford to pay, or just come up with some convenient excuse to push him out. Racist shit has no place in the government if the nation.
Joseph 5 months
What if it’s true? How can true statements be racist?

Captain Obvious 5 months
I was told an easy way to find a Jew is to throw a penny into a group and those that fight to the death over it were likely Jewish

David Giarratana 5 months
That is so... That is so..! ...condescending! They know how to recognize Jews, guys.

Julian Collot 5 months

Ed Murnaghan 5 months
Calm down Goy! I'm just here for the propaganda...

Jake Hedger 5 months
(( how to recognize a Jew))

Daddy Tito 5 months
Poland: one person does one bad thing The Media: LIVE FROM POLAND:
Joseph 5 months
What’s wrong with spreading potentially helpful advice? I’m glad I learned to spot a Jew. It’s saved me quite a few times throughout my life. Perhaps this will help others.

Julian 5 months
Muh anty-semitizm

Based Haole 5 months
The Goyim Awake

Kap21 5 months
90 percent of the news papers in Poland are own by Germany. .... they don't have the best record with treating hebrews right
Joseph 5 months
You really believe the lies don’t you?

Michel 5 months
and it's being promoted worldwide by this publication now.
KOAN. 5 months
Newsvoice has been compromised
Joseph 5 months
Shut it down!
NPC#1337 T3H H0nkulAr 5 months
Yeah let’s never talk about anything and pretend everything is always fine :D

ZK AY 5 months
The eternal victim