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TheBornOfFire 1 weeks
he has said this on numerous occasions, about post brexit trade relations with us, but the dizzy b**ch PM cluelessly ignores him while betraying the British people.
Russ Kurtell 1 weeks
Get active. Get organized.
William Chambers 1 weeks
ive had to point this out to people more times than is reasonable, for someone who isnt from either country.
david toh 6 days
didnt she vote remain?

Darth Quaint 1 weeks
1. The British people voted leave on the referendum. 2. The only current deal offered puts them in a worse spot than before they voted as a vassal state of the EU. Therefore, voting against no-deal is a betrayal of the referendum. 44% of brits are now saying leave and a petition to the PM is now at 61k signatures to request the Queen prorouge parliament until April 2nd. You can find a link in the description on the YouTube video 'parliament of traitors' on The Thinkery.
CoLpOeSnED 1 weeks
'No-deal' vote still means they'll leave the EU but it'll be without a plan to ease out of it. John Oliver did a good job explaining it. Issues concerning northern ireland is one of the bigger problems with the proposed deal. But they certainly are not going to consider staying with the EU now because of the political backlash and honestly pure embarrasment to the world.
Darth Quaint 6 days
last I knew, John Oliver did a pretty crap job of it in Sargon of akkad view. I think this was because John took a remainer perspective which is what got them where they are now

SimonR 1 weeks
March on parliament incoming. The people support no-deal/wto-exit.

MT144 1 weeks
unlimited means steroid laden chicken in UK's market.
Chris Cahill 1 weeks
In the immortal words of the great Leroy Jenkins Well at least I got chicken
Hannibal 1 weeks
It doesn't mean they surrender national sovereignty, genius.

Hannibal 1 weeks
Well considering our trade and investment with the UK is significantly higher than with other EU members it is entirely logical. Besides, the entire EU is within a hair's breadth of a nasty recession. The UK needs our market more than they need theirs.

Ruth Cole 1 weeks
and what do they have ...crumpets and other countries resources? good luck with that
U WOT M8 1 weeks
What the fuck are you babbling about?
Pete Nell 1 weeks
they can buy American goods rather than EU goods. boats are cheap. hence Chinese products.
Idiot Prole 1 weeks
Yep, I'd rather buy a Estwing hammer hand forged in America than Chinese tat.

Philip Vonleipzig 1 weeks
Oh I'm sure that Trump is very keen on profiting off the Brits' unstable economic and political situation on a very 'large scale'. That being said that's also what Mogg, Farage and the other elitist profiteers want so who can blame him.
Darth Quaint 1 weeks
If that's what you think of mogg and garage, I don't think you've been paying attention to them. double check your sources for bias.
Philip Vonleipzig 1 weeks
@Darth Rees Mogg owns 15% of Somerset Capital Management, an investing firm that mainly invests in emerging economies. If Brexit happens, the UK will have to increase business with these emerging markets. Surprisingly, SCM has doubled its profits and paid £47m to its members since the referendum. Clearly Mogg has no reason to push Brexit. I love how the Brexiteers rail against the elites but are more elitist than anyone else. Farage is a former broker ffs what idiot would trust that guy?
Emilios Georgiou 6 days
People profiting from trade=/=Politicians profiting from taxes

Havoc44 1 weeks
where's the coverage of this in the UK?